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Streaming is secretly fixing your mainstream taste in garbage music

The “optimism index” at indies hit its highest level this year, according to this month’s annual membership survey by Merlin, a group representing more than 2,000 independent labels and music companies. Eighty-five percent of its members were optimistic about the future of their businesses, coinciding with their digital income swelling thanks to streaming. – Joan E. Solsman, CNET » https://ift.tt/322j460

‘Bare’ Is Now On Netflix: More Proof Web Series Creators Are Taking Over The World

Written and directed by web series creator turned feature producer, Natalia Leite, Bare marks yet another leap of small to big screen in the web series revolution. Though Bare isn’t based on any previous web-based project, Leite and her right-hand collaborator, Alexandra Roxo (who makes an appearance in Bare) are the minds behind the award-winning short form comedy, Be Here Nowish. – Olivia Armstrong, Decider

Indie Label Agency Merlin Calls Foul on Streaming Rates with Pandora

photo: THUMP

In this so-called “micro-currency” even a penny can have a massive financial implications. As Billboard puts it into context, the difference between a 0.17 and 0.18 royalty rate would be around $60 million. Though Pandora now pays a greater rate than it previously did, representatives for Merlin are claiming that the Copyright Royalty Board undercut the median favoring Pandora. “[The CRB] fundamentally misread the context of our agreement” Merlin CEO Charles Caldas said to the Billboard, referring to the original negotiated deal of a lower pay for higher exposure. – Michael Scott Barron, THUMP  

If SoundCloud evaporates, prepare for musical drought

SoundCloud fills a void no other streaming service can account for, a fact that becomes most evident when we take a look at the platform’s massive digital library. The company currently hosts approximately 110 million audio tracks, almost four times the 30 million or so songs available on popular streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. A large percentage of that music simply isn’t available elsewhere. – Parker Hall, Digital Trends

Earbits Unveils New Apps, Still Streams Great Free, Ad-Free Independent Music

photo: Earbits, Lifehacker

The new iOS app is the star of the show here, having been redesigned from top to bottom (an updated Android version is coming soon, I’m told.) Now, as soon as you sign up, you can choose your “discovery level,” which customizes the mix of new and recommended tracks from the Earbits curators versus the music you save to your profile that appears in your stream while you listen. That way you’re always rewarded with something new you’ve never heard before, but if you use the app a lot and save artists and songs to your profile—something else new in the latest version—you still get to hear mostly music you know you’ll love. – Alan Henry, Lifehacker

Indie artist delivers an impassioned and smart defense of Spotify

Instead of going through a major label to distribute work on Spotify, David McMillin’s band pays a distributor called TuneCore $50 per album per year to distribute the band’s records on Spotify and nearly two dozen other streaming sites and online music stores. The band made $1,359.01 in royalties from 284,575 streams in Spotify, which is vastly more per stream than what many major artists receive if they rely on their labels to distribute their work on streaming services. – Brad Reed, BGR

12 Indies to Watch on VOD This April: ‘Lost River,’ ‘Ned Rifle’ and More

– via indieWIRE

  • Ned Rifle (Vimeo, April 1)
  • Cut Bank (April 3)
  • Marfa Girl (April 3)
  • 5 to 7 (April 10)
  • Lost River Movie (April 10)
  • Misery Loves Comedy (April 14)
  • Just About Famous (April 21)
  • Slow West (DirecTV, April 16)
  • Alex of Venice (April 17)
  • Below Dreams (April 21)
  • Adult Beginners (April 24)
  • In Country (April 28)

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Equal & Transparent Streaming For All – A Proposal For Our Industry

Another major win for the industry that I feel is all too often overlooked by larger entities, is Bandcamp. $97 Million USD has flowed through Bandcamp’s platform to date (When I initially wrote this piece in December, it was $92M; a $5M increase in just 3 months!). However, I am constantly battling and educating labels on what Bandcamp is and why we should have our artists’ music there. Here we have a platform in which an artist said to me and her label recently “Why would we prevent a fan from giving $100 to my album if they want to? Why limit the price point of downloads to $9.99?” – Emily White, Whitesmith Entertainment via Hypebot

Labels start making more money from streaming than downloads

Streaming is starting to overtake digital downloads as a source of revenue for independent labels, according to a new blog post from British indie music heavyweight PIAS (hat tip to Hypebot). The company, which runs a couple of indie labels itself but also provides funding and distribution services to other indies, saw higher revenues from streaming than downloads in 24 markets last year, including countries like France, the Netherlands and Spain. – Janko Roettgers, Gigaom
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1LKIRzw )
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