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Quentin Tarantino Is Not A Fan Of Netflix Or Any Other Streaming Services, Son

photo; Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Uproxx

I am not excited about streaming at all. I like something hard and tangible in my hand. And I can’t watch a movie on a laptop. I don’t use Netflix at all. I don’t have any sort of delivery system. I have the videos from Video Archives. They went out of business, and I bought their inventory. Probably close to eight thousand tapes and DVDs. Probably close to eight thousand tapes and DVDs. I have a bunch of DVDs and a bunch of videos, and I still tape movies off of television on video so I can keep my collection going. – Quentin Tarantino via Kimberly Ricci, UPROXX

Exclusive: First Episode of Second Season of ‘Adultish’ Web Series

photo: Adultish Web Series

Adult-ish” follows the life of Bevin, a young(ish) blogger living in New York City and investigating “Y” her generation is refusing to group up. Along with her best friends, Eric, Michael, James and Libby, Bevin and crew embark on any path they can find to transition themselves into adulthood without sacrificing their love for all things Nostalgia and Childish. – Paula Bernstein, indieWIRE

Get Ready for ‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones,’ Which Might Be Netflix’s Darkest Series Yet

photo: (Krysten Ritter) Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, ABC

“Jessica Jones” is based on a comic book series called “Alias,” written by Brian Michael Bendis and published by Marvel under the adult-rated Marvel “Max” banner. This meant that “Alias,” which ran for 28 issues from 2001 to 2004, was free to be a graphic, sex-and-profanity-filled look at the life of Jessica Jones, a retired superhero turned private detective. Over the course of the series, compiled originally as four trade paperbacks and recently republished as a hardback omnibus, Jessica got drunk, had inappropriate sex and used her superpowers to dish out some hardcore violence — while also coping with the extreme PTSD that led her to quit the superhero game. – Liz Shannon Miller, indieWIRE

Niche Streaming Site Acorn Lands Emmy Nomination for ‘Poirot’

photo: ITV

The Emmy nomination of “Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Curtain, Poirot’s Last Case” was not simply an odd surprise. It was the first Primetime Emmy nomination for a niche streaming service. Netflix (“House of Cards,” “Orange Is the New Black” and now “Bloodline” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”) and Amazon (“Transparent”) are the blue whales of internet streaming. Acorn TV, which submitted “Poirot” for an Emmy, is a little fish. But little fish can swim fast, and Acorn may well be the harbinger of a future full of successful niche streaming services as viewers cut their cable cords and move online. – Aljean Harmetz, Thompson On Hollywood via indieWIRE

How To Be Unstoppable: Sean Baker and the Digital Filmmaking Revolution

Photo: Tangerine

Impressed by the look of the iPad footage in Spike Lee’s 2012 feature “Red Hook Summer” Sean Baker decided to shoot a 2-minute test reel with the iPhone 5s he already had in his pocket. He showed it on a large screen at Technicolor to Mark Duplass and the other investors, and they immediately greenlit his use of the iPhone. – Peter Broderick, indieWIRE

From Brad Pitt to ‘Degrassi,’ Is Netflix’s Latest Acquisition Spree a Game Changer?

With Monday’s news that Netflix has acquired writer/director David Michôd‘s upcoming satire “War Machine,” starring Brad Pitt, for approximately $30 million, the deal immediately struck a chord. Along with Netflix’s pick-up of recently cancelled teen drama “Degrassi” and last Friday’s release of the Wachowskis’ sprawling “Sense8,” the company is in the midst of yet another uptick in the scale and scope of its offerings. Should its competitors be worried? – Matt Brennan, Thompson On Hollywood via indieWIRE

12 Indies to Watch on VOD This April: ‘Lost River,’ ‘Ned Rifle’ and More

– via indieWIRE

  • Ned Rifle (Vimeo, April 1)
  • Cut Bank (April 3)
  • Marfa Girl (April 3)
  • 5 to 7 (April 10)
  • Lost River Movie (April 10)
  • Misery Loves Comedy (April 14)
  • Just About Famous (April 21)
  • Slow West (DirecTV, April 16)
  • Alex of Venice (April 17)
  • Below Dreams (April 21)
  • Adult Beginners (April 24)
  • In Country (April 28)

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How to Sell a TV Show to Netflix

“Residue,” created by John Harrison, premiered yesterday on Netflix with three 45 minute-long episodes. The genre series, starring “Game of Thrones” notables Natalia Tena and Iwan Rheon, tracks the aftermath of a devastating explosion on the city of London and the government conspiracy that might be concealing the truth. (Netflix users might expect to see it as a recommended pick if they’ve watched a lot of “The X-Files” or other genre programming.) – Liz Shannon Miller, indieWIRE

First Look: Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda Are Flawless in ‘Grace and Frankie’

Netflix has unveiled the first batch of photos for its upcoming sitcom “Grace and Frankie,” which stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. Tomlin and Fonda play bitter rivals who are forced to come together when their husbands (played by Emmy winners Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen) reveal that they are gay and in love with each other. The sitcom comes from TV veteran Marta Kauffman, best known for her work on “Friends.” – David Canfield, indieWIRE
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