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PewDiePie dethroned by T-Series as YouTube’s most subscribed channel

It’s likely that we will see the record flip-flop in a never-ending back-and-forth until the heat death of the universe but in recent months, the battle has become less about the record itself and more about the real-world hacks and various big names that have joined the so-called battle. – Richard Trenholm & Jackson Ryan, CNET » https://ift.tt/2UzL0tY

Study: Most YouTube influencers still don’t disclose sponsored deals

Advertising on social media without the proper disclosure has become a huge issue in recent years. Just take a look at celebrities’ accounts, and you’ll see them promoting products without saying whether they’re getting paid for the post. It’s not the advertisements themselves that are the problem, it’s that without the proper label, people won’t know whether influencers are simply recommending a product they like or if they’re getting paid to praise it. – Mariella Moon, Engadget https://engt.co/2pLW74F

Dr. DisRespect sets huge new Twitch streaming record, beating Tyler1

“The current highest peak of concurrent viewers that we’ve observed for an individual is DrDisrespect with over 388K,” a Twitch representative told Polygon. Those numbers just barely eclipse League of Legends streamer Tyler1’s Twitch return in January. Tyler1 managed to maintain 386,000 concurrent streamers at his peak, The Rift Hearld reports. These numbers contradict screenshots floating around Twitter, showcasing that Tyler1 attracted more than 400,000 streamers at one point during his stream. – Julia Alexander, Polygon http://ift.tt/2GT8SSJ

12,000 Social Media Influencers, Mostly Women, Exposed by Marketing Firm Data Breach

UpGuard’s researchers discovered the database in early January and were able to quickly linked it to the Octoly, a French company which maintains a virtual office based in Manhattan. Octoly’s Amazon server was publicly accessible, meaning virtually anyone could view its contents without a password. Securing the data proved challenging. Compared to most companies whose sensitive data has been unearthed in this way, Octoly was strikingly slow to respond. – Dell Cameron, Gizmodo http://gizmo.do/RofBd82

Streamlabs, A Popular Monetization Tool For Live Broadcasters, Adds Facebook Integration

Streamlabs, which has more than 60 million monthly active users — including bold-faced creators like PewDiePie — offers more than two dozen features designed to help streamers better engage with their fans, grow audiences, and improve monetization. For instance, one popular tool enables tipping notifications to show up within the actual video stream — where the majority of viewer attention lies — as opposed to within the chat box. Another feature is a widget appearing as an animated tip jar, whereby gold coins (or other customizable icons) can enter the jar as a visual incentive for fans to donate. – Geoff Weiss, Tubefilter http://ift.tt/2uAlCrt
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