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YouTube reversed my bogus copyright strike after I threatened to write this

“Your case is a really extreme example of a fairly common situation in which these major companies send DMCA takedown on a very broad basis,” she explained. “YouTube is far more afraid of being sued by Warner Bros. than being sued by you, so you end up with them being much more cautious and doing things like just allowing DMCA strikes on anything.” – Matt Binder, Mashable » https://ift.tt/2t3Ud53

When two big streamers ditched Twitch, Fortnite suffered too

According to the metrics site Twitch Tracker, Fortnite dropped from pole position, where it had been holding steady for months, and has lately been hovering somewhere around third or fourth. Right now, in the early afternoon on a Tuesday, the top three games on Twitch are World of Warcraft: Classic, League of Legends, and Just Chatting (a category that generally features people talking to their viewers directly). – Bijan Stephen, The Verge » https://ift.tt/32JrEWE

Youtube’s Moderators Say It’s Not Your Imagination: Popular Creators Do Get Away With More

These moderators, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, described a tumultuous workplace where superiors often overruled their attempts to flag inappropriate content when videos involved prominent Youtube stars. You know, the ones you always see making headlines for all the wrong reasons, such as Logan Paul, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, and Steven Crowder. Arguably the people at least partially responsible for bringing in Youtube’s nearly 2 billion viewers per month. – Alyse Stanley, Gizmodo » https://ift.tt/2KEYQr5