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Ultimate Pi Home Server

photo: Instructables

The knowledge used here can be applied to almost all PC architectures so if you don’t own a Pi (Why not dude?) or it’s tied up in another project, any old or unused PC will work. – DrWilson, Instructables

3D Printed Quadcopter with Arduino

Beginning in December 2013, I began working on a drone with several of my friends. We have created a drone that is 100% our own design. Using Autodesk Inventor we designed, drafted, and printed each part of our copter’s frame. We converted our files from .DWG to .X3G file, allowing us to print our frame on a MakerBot Industries 2x Replicator. All of the external wiring was done and reviewed by each person working on the copter. This was made three others. Their instructable accounts are BobBurghart, CoreyOrlovsky and Rnpauls. […] Our machine is flyable by either GPS or FM transmitter. – Nolan5454,Instructables
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Adding Bluetooth support to your car

I just bought a used Toyota Matrix 2011 and it has an AUX port to plug your phone or MP3 player so it plays on the car radio. It’s a great feature and I’ve been using it but the audio wire is annoying and is always in the way. I have decided to add a Bluetooth audio receiver to the car while making sure the AUX port is still available if needed. – Guillaume Fournier,Instructables 
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Octo-Light: Camera Ring Lamp using LED Light Strips

The Octo-Light is a camera ring lamp which is made up of LED light strips. It’s cheap to make and perfect for beginner macro photography and video! This lamp is excellent at flooding scenes with uniform light, which softens hard shadows and removes grain. Its’ uses range from close-up to medium shots and it works great as a primary lamp in a dim environment (like a room). It can be powered from a DC wall adapter or a battery, which makes it extremely portable. An upside of using LED light strips is that there are many different kinds to choose from. I went with some regular LEDs, but you can use extra-bright LEDs which will provide even more light! – Comsa42,Instructables
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