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Anime drives streaming in Japan

Market share in Japan’s streaming sector is up for the taking. According to marketing firm GEM Partners, NTT Docomo’s dTV was the leader in 2018 with a share of 13.7%, but the figure is nearly half that of 2016. For Netflix, it held sixth place at 8.9%, up from 7.1% the year before. – Brett Bull, The Star Online » http://bit.ly/2LNR95L

Square Enix Has Disabled Streaming For Left Alive In Japan

According to reports coming out of Japan, […] the developers have cut off all ability to stream the game directly from the PS4. According to a number of streamers, the reasons it’s been done is because reviews of the game have been low ever since the game was released in the country, and rather than showing off what the game looks like and plays like before it gets released in the West, [Square Enix] decided simply to cut off the YouTube option. – Gavin Sheehan, Bleeding Cool » https://ift.tt/2SFcUCX

Google Play Music, Netflix face tepid streaming market in Japan

logo: CIO

Streamers are trying hook music fans with sweet deals. Google Play Music recently launched in Japan, years after entering overseas markets for music streaming. It’s offering millions of songs for a flat rate of ¥980 (US$8.18). […] Meanwhile, streaming video services are also proliferating in Japan, but there has yet to be a standout winner. Netflix is one of the latest entrants, offering plans from ¥650 and one month free viewing. Amazon is also bringing its Prime Video to Japan this month, featuring U.S. and Japanese films, TV dramas and animation. – Tim Hornyak, IDG News Service via CIO

Amazon Prime Follows Netflix Into Japan

photo: TechCrunch

Netflix is all set to debut in Japan on September 2, with Amazon Prime Video landing at some point next month — the U.S. firm hasn’t been specific on the exact launch date at this point. […] In terms of pricing, Amazon’s service is available for free to existing Prime customers who pay ¥3,900 ($32) per year, that works out at around ¥325 ($2.70) per month, and get other perks related to Amazon shopping. Netflix, which is of course just a standalone video service, will be priced upwards of ¥650 ($5.40) per month before tax. A standard plan with two high-definition streams is ¥950 ($7.90), while a premium plan (four streams) comes in at ¥1,450 ($12). – Jon Russell, TechCrunch

SoftBank partners up with Netflix to sell video streaming service at stores

logo: The Japan Times

While Netflix will accept subscriptions online, the carrier said SoftBank users can subscribe to Netflix at SoftBank stores and pay from their monthly phone bills. […] Netflix said there will be three plans for users in Japan — basic, standard and premium — priced at ¥650, ¥950 and ¥1,450 per month, respectively. The higher plans provide better image quality and allow simultaneous viewing. – Kazuaki Nagata, The Japan Times

NHK World is the chillest channel on TV

photo: NHK

I should be clear that I don’t consider myself a Japanophile (though I do think Japan is a lovely country). I don’t watch anime, I don’t read manga. You don’t need to in order to enjoy the simple pleasures of NHK World, which is effectively one long commercial for Japanese tourism interspersed with 10- and 30-minute editions of Newsline, an even-handed, English-language news program devoid of the hyperbole and seizure-inducing chyrons American networks hold dear. There are also dubbed gems imported from NHK proper like Supreme Skills!, where two teams are tasked with building a mundane object taken to the extreme: a top that can spin for 15 minutes, for instance, or a really, really sharp knife blade. […] Check your local listings for NHK World, because you might be surprised to find that you have it for free. It’s also available streaming to anyone — no cable subscription required[.] – Chris Ziegler, The Verge

Japanese Networks in Streaming Service, Netflix Launch Looms

photo: Getty Images

Japan’s top five commercial TV networks are banding together to launch a catch-up streaming video service to extend their programming’s reach online. The service, named TVer, will debut in October – right around the time Netflix is expected to begin operating in Japan. – Patrick Brzeski, The Hollywood Reporter

Japan is covering Mount Fuji with free Wi-Fi

photo: Itsuo Inouye, AP Photo

Connecting to Mount Fuji’s eight Wi-Fi hotspots, including in three cottages and on its 3,776-meter (12,389-foot) summit, requires a user name and password that is available in fliers provided in foreign languages. After logging in, users get 72 hours of the wireless service, provided by NTTドコモ(NTT DOCOMO). – Steve Mollman, Quartz

Music Streaming Service Aims at Japan, Where CD Is Still King


Line Music, from the company that operates the hugely popular messaging app Line, opened in Japan ahead of both Spotify and Apple Music, advertising 1.5 million tracks and prices as low as $4 a month. […] Japan is the second-largest music market after the United States, with slightly less than $3 billion in sales last year, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, a trade group. Last year, the Japanese market fell 5.5 percent, with CD sales sliding and the country’s tiny digital market failing to take up the slack. – Ben Sisario, The New York Times
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