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EU wants to lift digital borders in Europe

photo: Broadband TV News

EU digital commissioner Günther Oettinger wants to create a single market for digital services in Europe to gain more weight in the competition with the United States and Asia. […] Oettinger said at the Broadband Congress 2015 of German cable operator association FRK in Leipzig.[…] The further discussion rounds at the congress focused on the expansion of broadband networks in Germany, subsidies and business models as well as changes in media consumption. – Jörn Krieger, Broadband TV News

Netflix’ original content strategy in Europe unfolded

photo: Broadband TV News

The financial strength enables Netflix to enter even challenging markets. Netflix originals might have a strong impact when it comes to customer acquisition and retention, according to the [Veed Analytics] study. However, competitors will leverage their more diversified business models and intensify competition especially around content quality. – Jörn Krieger, Broadband TV News

Germany to integrate YouTube in TV ratings system

AGF, the German association providing the official TV audience ratings, will include online video consumption at YouTube in its reach figures. […] With the move, AGF reacts to the growing relevance of online video in media consumption in particular through the increasing number of screens and mobile devices. Also, the video market continues to diversify: In addition to the content offerings of classic TV broadcasters, a rising number of video portals and streaming providers enter the market. – Jörn Krieger, Broadband TV News

40 million Germans use video-streaming

Three out of four internet users (73%) from 14 years of age use video-streams. This corresponds with more than 40 million Germans, according to a survey research institute Aris conducted among 1,004 people from 14 years of age for German industry association Bitkom. […] Many streaming users regularly watch videos on the net. Two out of five (40%) do this several times per week, every seventh one (14%) daily. Streaming users prefer free-of-charge video services (78%). Nonetheless, almost every sixth user (17%) has opted to pay for fee-based offerings. – Jörn Krieger, Broadband TV News