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Nvidia’s New Game Streaming Service Is Twice As Fast As PlayStation Now

Launching in North America alongside the Shield Tablet software update next Tuesday, November 18, Grid allows owners of the Shield Tablet and Shield Portable devices to stream select PC games from Nvidia’s launch library. The service will come to Western Europe in December, and Asia next year. “When you download the new Shield Hub update there will be a new tab there called Grid Games,” said Phil Eisler, general manager of Grid Gaming. “In addition to playing your Android games, and any local GeForce games, you’ll be able to connect to our cloud servers and stream a library of games that we have there.” […] “We’re thinking probably along the Netflix line with sort of an affordable subscription fee for a bundle of games,” Eisler said. “But probably Netflix Plus, because people also want to play brand new content so you’ll be able to top up with new titles that have just been launched.” – Brandin Tyrrel,IGN
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