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Watch SpaceX launch its Falcon 9 rocket from one of NASA’s most historic launch pads

It’s SpaceX’s tenth cargo resupply mission for NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration, but today’s launch is extra special given where the rocket is launching from. The Falcon 9 will take off from a pad at a site on the Cape called Launch Complex 39A. The pad is part of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, and it’s been home to the biggest space missions of the past 50 years. […] The 39A pad has been dormant since then. But in 2014, SpaceX signed a 20-year lease with NASA to move into Launch Complex 39A and update the pad to support launches of the company’s Falcon 9 rocket and its future heavy-life vehicle, the Falcon Heavy. – Loren Grush, The Verge http://ift.tt/2lttusE

PlayStation Vue (Almost) Looks Like a Cord-Cutter’s Dream Come True

[L]aunching today in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia, that streams both live and pre-recorded TV programming over the internet. [PlayStation Vue] includes most major broadcasters—including their local affliates, so you’ll get local news and weather—and a good number of the cable channels you’d want. It streams at 720p resolution, so you only need a stable 5Mbps internet connection or better. […] you need to live in one of those three cities and have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 game console. More platforms (including iPad) and markets (Sony says it’s targeting large cities first) are coming later on. It’s a no-contract service with no promo prices, so you can pay your $50 a month as long as you like and quit anytime you want. […] speaking of holes, PlayStation Vue’s channel lineup—while pretty impressive!—still has a bunch of them. No HBO, no ABC, no ESPN, no A&E or History Channel, no BBC America, and no Disney to choose from. AMC is coming “very shortly after launch.” – Sean Hollister, Gizmodo
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/19zHCY6)