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Amazon introduces new Fire TV Stick, Fire TV and Fire TV Gaming Edition

[Amazon] today has released a pre-order for its new generation of Amazon Fire TV products, to provide more powerful voice, processing and storage abilities. […] The Amazon Fire TV stick with voice will come in at $49.99, while the new Amazon Fire TV will cost $99.99 and the Gaming edition will run $139.99. Amazon will continue to offer the Fire TV stick at $39.99. – Lauren Hockenson, The Next Web

Twitch is finally transitioning from Flash to HTML5

The company is following in the footsteps of another major online video haven. Youtube switched its default player to HTML5 in January of this year, citing the format’s recent adoption of Adaptive Bitrate (ABR). Twitch.TV’s big move to cut ties with Adobe Flash is another nail in the coffin for the perpetually vulnerable and generally annoying format. – Lauren Hockenson, The Next Web