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Ex League of Legends player earns $800k a year from streaming

According to Kotaku (via onGamers), ex League of Legends player, Wei “CaoMei” Han-Dong, is now making around $800 000 annually. It’s alright, I will give you time to rub your eyes quickly, because I did the same myself. What he was earning previously is almost laughable in comparison. Wei “CaoMei” Han-Dong’s mother remembers each time her son’s monthly salary increased: November, 2011, trainee, 3,000 RMB ($491); March 2012, official member, 4,000 RMB ($654); November, same year, the IPL 5 Champions, 7,000 RMB ($1,145); May 2014, 10,000 RMB ($1,636); June, 20,000 RMB ($3,271). Now retired, he streams with an annual salary of five million RMB ($817,863). – Matthew Figueira,Lazygamer
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