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The inventor of light-based ‘Li-Fi’ Internet has completed the first working prototype

photo: Digital Trends

The Li-Fi prototype relies on solar energy to power Internet connections so that an LED light source paired with a solar panel becomes a fully functional transmitter and receiver system for high speed, secure data transfer. Instead of relying on hardwired cables or radio waves that are easily interrupted, Li-Fi uses the nearly undetectable flicker of an LED light to transmit data. – Chloe Olewitz, Digital Trends

Octo-Light: Camera Ring Lamp using LED Light Strips

The Octo-Light is a camera ring lamp which is made up of LED light strips. It’s cheap to make and perfect for beginner macro photography and video! This lamp is excellent at flooding scenes with uniform light, which softens hard shadows and removes grain. Its’ uses range from close-up to medium shots and it works great as a primary lamp in a dim environment (like a room). It can be powered from a DC wall adapter or a battery, which makes it extremely portable. An upside of using LED light strips is that there are many different kinds to choose from. I went with some regular LEDs, but you can use extra-bright LEDs which will provide even more light! – Comsa42,Instructables
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Video: How to Build a Powerful $500 DIY LED Light Panel for $70

Whether you’re using one to shoot video or stills, LED light panels are a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal. But while they are available from a variety of companies, in a number of sizes and shapes, almost all quality LED light panels come with one, discouraging attachment: the price tag.[…] DIY Perks breaks down how you can build your own $500 LED (1k equivalent) light panel for just under $70. – Gannon Burgett,PetaPixel
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Plasma TV is dead: Samsung to end production later this year

As more and more manufacturers flock to 4K, the hurdle of producing an ultra-high definition 4K plasma HDTV was almost certainly a factor in the technology’s demise. But there’s also the matter of cost: plasmas are more expensive to build than LED LCDs. And despite the acclaimed picture performance that comes with plasma, consumers have for years voted with their wallets and overwhelmingly favored LCD TVs. Companies like Vizio, Sony, and Samsung itself drove plasma out of the market. Thankfully those LED TVs are looking better and better, making the loss of plasma a bit easier to swallow. – Chris Welch , The Verge http://bit.ly/1z7MV9e