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Research: 74% of US households have an SVOD service

“Nearly three-quarters of all US households have at least one SVOD service, and one-third of all adults stream an SVOD service daily, including half of all ages 18-34,” said Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst for Leichtman Research Group, Inc. – Broadband TV News » https://ift.tt/2Hx98sp

150,000 Cable Subscribers Cut The Cord Last Quarter

A report released Friday by the Leichtman Research Group says the 13 largest pay-TV providers — a group that includes companies like Time Warner Cable, Comcast and DirecTV — shed about 150,000 video subscribers in the most recent quarter, compared to just 25,000 in the same period last year. The Leichtman Research Group said this was a greater net loss of subscribers than in any third quarter going back to at least 2002, when the company was founded. To date, the greatest single-quarter loss the company has seen was a net drop of 350,000 subscribers in the second quarter of 2013. […] Statistics from earlier this year suggest that Hulu and Netflix may be eating cable providers’ lunch, and a study recently cited by Variety showed that the number of U.S. customers who say they’re planning to cancel their pay-TV plans is up from what it was a year ago — albeit only slightly. Quartz recently cited 2013 data suggesting that pay-TV subscriptions may have peaked in 2012. – Damon Beres,HuffPost Tech
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Cord-cutting is starting to accelerate in the US

In the third quarter, the top pay-TV providers—which account for 95% of the market—lost about 150,000 video subscribers, compared with just 25,000 in the same quarter last year, according to Leichtman Research Group. It’s not an enormous loss from those providers’ 95 million subscribers, to be sure—but it’s a real one. The total number of pay-TV subscriptions in the US may well have topped out two years ago. […] The cable giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable continue to hemorrhage TV subscribers, losing 81,000 and 182,000 this quarter, respectively. Satellite TV companies, which had remained relatively flat, have now started to lose subscribers. (The 40,000 satellite subscribers lost this quarter compare to a gain of 174,000 in the same quarter last year.) – Adam Epstein,Quartz
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1/2 Of TVs Use Netflix

Forty-seven percent of all U.S. households subscribe to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime or a combination of these services, and 49 percent of all households have at least one TV connected to the internet, according to a new study from the Leichtman Research Group about emerging video services. Four years ago, only 24 percent of all households had an internet-connected TV. […] Leichtman’s numbers are echoed by a recent Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) study about the market for U.S. television services. 45 percent of all U.S. TV households watch internet content on their TVs, according to that study. The use of internet TV programming steeply increased from 28 percent in 2013. – Gigaom via Home Theater Review