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Traditional creativity is thriving in the internet age

Before the internet, TV was often cited as crippling the social fabric and moral fibre of Britain’s youth. The same arguments are now used against the internet, the difference being that a majority of people – not just children – have a smartphone that allows almost instantaneous access (even in far-flung parts of the country) to goods, services and content. […] For so long, content was written off as expensive and commoditised but it seems that people are more willing to accept that it is the very foundation of so much that we do. The delivery of high-quality content has always been important but never more so than now. Most of us struggle to concentrate for as long as we used to because of the demands on our time but we can all be drawn in by a good story. And if that good story can inspire us to create ourselves then all the better. I always remember the film Julie & Julia as an example of this – where a young New Yorker cooks all the recipes she finds in an old cookbook over the course of a year … and then blogs about it! – Jonnie Goodwin,Lepe Partners LLP via The Telegraph 
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