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Bob Dylan-Inspired Drama Series in Development at Amazon, Lionsgate TV

Lionsgate TV is closing in on a deal with Amazon for an hourlong drama series inspired by characters and themes from Bob Dylan’s vast archive of songs. […] “Time Out of Mind” adds to the growing slate of premium SVOD series on Lionsgate TV’s roster. The studio is home to Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” and four series for Hulu: “Casual,” Deadbeat,” “RocketJump: The Show” and “Dimension 404.” – Cynthia Littleton, Variety

Kevin Hart Partners With Lionsgate on Laugh Out Loud VOD Service

The new over-the-top service will operate 24-7 and serve as the exclusive home for all content created by Kevin Hart outside his theatrical and live touring activities and include original series starring Hart — such as a hidden-camera premium original series in which Hart stars as an undercover Lyft driver. […] Laugh Out Loud will also showcase content curated by Hart along with shows featuring social-media stars and up-and-coming comedians. That will include a series starring social media personality Logan Paul, who generated 300 million video views on Facebook last month along with nearly 4 billion loops on Vine. – Dave McNary, Variety   (Full Story:http://ift.tt/1V9VsUH)

Lionsgate wants to launch a streaming service for geeks

According to Deadline Hollywood, the new service, which doesn’t yet have a launch date, will feature original content and movies from Lionsgate and partner studios. The decision makes a modicum of sense on paper. As comics and fandoms have become increasingly mainstream in recent years, Comic-Con International’s importance to the industry and fans has only exploded, making it Ground Zero for new content every summer. Lionsgate notes that 17 of the 20 best-performing films of last year had a presence at Comic-Con, and since the company effectively owns Young Adult fiction at the movies that doesn’t involve capes and magic hammers, making an aggressive play for fans’ eyes and money is smart. – Kwame Opam, The Verge

‘Transformers’, ‘Mockingjay’ Part Of EPIX’s Extended Licensing Deal With Amazon

EPIX has extended its movie licensing deal with Amazon. The agreement includes movies from EPIX studio partners, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, with new releases such as Transformers: Age of Extinction, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Interstellar, Selma and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, along with classic big film franchises including James Bond, Star Trek, and Rocky. – Deadline Hollywood 
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RHA discusses providing Netflix-like movie streaming service to residence halls

Signing onto the $30,000 service would allow on-campus students to stream more 200 movies from the residence halls at any time. The distributor, Swank Motion Picture, provides Netflix-like movie streaming to about 200 universities through its Residence Life Cinema page. It currently represents major studios like Walt Disney Pictures, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, NBC Universal Pictures, New Line Cinema and Lionsgate. It provides online streaming through tablets, mobile phones, and gaming consoles. On the movie page, students can upload “bumpers,” which work like ads, for promoting philanthropies and other events and addressing issues like campus safety. – The Daily Nebraskan
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Lionsgate and Tribeca film studios are launching a new streaming service

Now Hollywood is entering the streaming craze. Lionsgate and Tribeca Enterprises said Monday they will jointly launch an online video service during the first half of next year for movies made by them and outside studios. Called “Tribeca Short List,” the online streaming service comes just days after HBO and CBS rattled the television industry with their announcements of stand-alone streaming services like Netflix. – Cecilia Kang,Washington Post

Lionsgate TV’s Kevin Beggs On Streaming Future, Foreign Appeal of ‘Orange’: Mipcom

A (new) streaming service doesn’t need many subscribers to break even if consumers are willing to buy $5 or $10 (monthly) subscriptions. In fact a steaming service is easier to launch than a cable channel, which is labor intensive. Expect big brands to jump in, While the streaming model, sans ads, enables content creators to tell longer stories versus the traditional network drama series length of 43 minutes; streaming can impact buzz for a series. Gone are the days of the water cooler when everyone would congregate after watching a Sunday night show. With a series such as Orange Is the New Black, several viewers will watch the entire 13 episodes when they are promptly dropped, while others may not, hence the resonance of word of mouth gets broken. “You don’t know how far one viewer is from the other – Kevin Beggs,Lionsgate via Anthony D’Alessandro,Deadline Hollywood
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The Smosh Guys Want to Go from YouTube to the Movie Theater

Lionsgate, the studio behind movie franchises like the “The Hunger Games” and “The Expendables,” has picked up the rights to “The Smosh Movie,” the film the Web comedy duo produced earlier this year. [Anthony Padilla] and [Ian Hecox] aren’t the first Web video stars to try their hands at a movie — you may or may not recall “The Fred Movie,” starring Lucas Cruikshank (Fred), which ended up going to Nickelodeon instead of theaters — but they are probably the biggest. Their YouTube channels have 30 million subscribers, and their standalone site generates 12 million visitors a month. […] Also of note: The film was produced and co-financed by Awesomeness TV, the YouTube network acquired by DreamWorks Animation last year. And Awesomeness head Brian Robbins got into YouTube-land after producing “The Fred Movie” in 2010. – Peter Kafka,Re/code
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