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Teewe, a Chromecast alternative, will soon get torrent streaming feature

photo: Teewe, Neowin

Ever since it was launched, the Teewe dongle has been perceived as a “Chromecast ripoff/alternative”, but the company wants to change that by adding some features that no other device in the same category offers. […] Allowing users to stream torrent content, as you may imagine, has both legal and moral obligations. However, millions of users worldwide download and stream copyright infringed movie and music titles via the torrent platform to enjoy the content for free. Teewe says that it is leaving it up to the users to decide how they want to use this new feature. – Manish Singh, Neowin

Microsoft won’t be live-streaming its September 30 Windows 9 event

Microsoft is expected to take the wraps off its forthcoming desktop operating system on September 30. For those who were planning to watch the event at home, sad news, Microsoft won’t be live streaming it. […] Microsoft spokesperson has said that the company won’t be live streaming the September 30 event. “There will be no live stream of the keynote.” However, it will be offering news and other content on its website after the event. – Manish Singh,WinBeta 
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