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Twitch’s next streaming marathon includes 932 episodes of ‘Pokémon’

Now, it won’t all take place starting next week. Twitch says that there will be “several” marathons total to break the movies and 932 TV episodes up a bit. There’s a way to play along at home, too. It isn’t quite Twitch Plays Pokémon, but thanks to how the new overlay and extension systems work, you’ll be able to collect badges while watching the marathons. – Timothy J. Seppala, Engadget https://ift.tt/2BS9WrN

Shout Factory Streaming ‘Zyuranger’ Marathon on Sunday

Shout! Factory is stepping up to help you stave off cabin fever in one of the most awesome ways possible: A free, three-hour marathon of Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, the show that was adapted for American audiences as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, streaming live tomorrow at ShoutFactoryTV.com. The marathon will kick off at noon Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific, and will be hosted by tokusatsu exptert August Ragone[.] – Chris Sims, ComicsAlliance

Cult Corner: How To Live Stream ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Turkey Day For Free!

“Turkey Day” was born in 1991. Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot wore silly costumes. The team created some interstitial sketches. Oh, and Mike Nelson parodied A&E’s Jack Perkins! The Thanksgiving marathon continued with a larger budget and more sprawling narrative. It soon became a cult favorite amongst comedy nerds and cinemaphiles trying their best not to watch football or engage with family members during the holiday. […] [Mystery Science Theater 3000] has been resuscitated with the help of Shout! Factory TV, RiffTrax, and a recent Kickstarter campaign to create brand new episodes. Staring at 12 pm EST tomorrow, November 26, 2015, Shout! Factory TV will offer a free Turkey Day live stream at www.BringBackMST3K.com. – Meghan O’Keefe, Decider