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Roku Screen Mirroring Isn’t Ready for Prime Time

I went hands-on with the Roku Streaming Stick to try out its new screen mirroring function for Android and Windows Phone 8 devices and PCs running Windows 8.1. […] Still a beta feature, Roku’s screen mirroring uses Miracast/WiDi technology, which has had an extremely mixed track record every time I’ve tried it. This application was no exception. […] I tried a second Roku Streaming Stick to see if I could replicate my results, but this device would not connect with any of the four devices. After contacting Roku, I received a prompt response and learned that the company is developing a patch for the freezing bug, which will roll out to all users once it’s completed. Roku engineers could not replicate my issues with the HTC One M8, but said that they had not yet tested the Dell XPS 13 and could not vouch for its performance. The company is still in the process of ironing out screen mirroring’s bugs before the service’s official launch, on a date it has not yet specified. – Marshall Honorof,Tom’s Guide
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Best Aereo Alternatives

Videophiles and cord cutters who have been following the Aereo Supreme Court case know by now that the service is effectively dead, with the Court ruling 6-3 in favor of broadcasters that accused Aereo of violating copyright law. Aereo allowed viewers to watch live, antenna-based TV streamed over the Internet to computers and mobile devices. Although Aereo is on its way out, its functionality lives on in a number of other products and services. – Marshall Honorof, Tom’s Guide http://ift.tt/1lXTDdB