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Dear Musicians: Most Fans Don’t Really Care About You, says MIDiA Study

Just 15% of respondents said they agreed and only four per cent strongly agree. And this is against a backdrop of 60% of consumers stating that they consider music to be worth paying for. So willingness to pay is not the overriding issue here. […] Streaming is ramping up fast, that much is clear, but even among those consumers just 24% care enough about the plight of artists to consider changing their behavior. As bitter a pill as it may be to swallow, artists have to accept the fact that beyond their super fans, most consumers (and three quarters of streamers) simply don’t care whether streaming is making it harder for them to build and maintain a career. – Mark Mulligan,Music Industry Blog via Hypebot 
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Three Things About Streaming Music The Industry Needs To Figure Out

If the streaming natural selection process plays out then unless you have created either an album that people will want to listen to again and again or instead a monster hit, then you will simply drift into oblivion. In the old model you might have sold a couple of tens of thousands of albums and managed to sustain some sort of career. 20,000 album sales would be $180,000 gross revenue but 5 million streams (roughly an equivalence in popularity) would be $50,000 gross revenue. Perhaps streaming’s Dystopian Darwinism will kill off the ability to forge a career built on mediocrity. That may be no bad thing. – Mark Mulligan,Hypebot  
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Research Now Shows That Streaming Kills Download Sales…

“Thus, although streaming and subscriptions will grow by 238% on 2013 levels to reach $8 billion in 2019, download revenue will decline by 39% – only five percent less than the rate at which CD revenues will fall – leaving streaming and subscriptions representing 70% of all digital revenue.” – Mark Mulligan,MIDiA Research via Paul Resnikoff,Digital Music News  
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Music Streaming Is Booming, and That’s a Problem for Music Sales

The problem for the music business is that most music streamers — around 80 percent of them — are free music streamers, relying on services like YouTube, Pandora and SoundCloud for the tunes, says MIDiA Research. And those ad-supported businesses generate about 10 percent of the revenue per user that subscription businesses do. […] The problem there is that the pool of people who will pay $10 a month for unlimited music may not be that deep. Midia says only 25 percent of consumers pay more than $10 for music every three months. A more realistic price, from a consumer’s perspective, might be $3 to $4 a month. But that price won’t be realistic for a while yet: The music labels will only drop it there when they have no other choice. – Peter Kafka,Re/code 
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