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Poor Streaming Performance? Change DNS Servers!

When streaming sites are throttled this can have a negative effect on streamers. For example, when streaming movies from Netflix or Amazon Instant, if their websites are throttled it can cause more buffering and actually stream in lower quality. Netflix will adjust the HD quality based on your internet connection speed. – MkvXstream – Join the Cable Cutting Revolution   (Full Story: http://ift.tt/1w11gFd )

Movies & TV Shows Easy to Watch with Put.io on Roku

When using Put.io, your IP address is never exposed in torrent swarms. Rather it is Put.io’s IP address that is exposed instead and they just ignore any phishing attempts. Also, when you stream video files through Roku your stream goes over a secure https connection. Besides, Torrents, Put.io will also let you stream video podcasts, and many other video and audio files. Put.io gives you access to many TV shows just after airing commercial free. […] There are 2 different Roku channels for Put.io The first is Put.io The second is Puke.io, both channels do a great job. The only real difference is you can share your account on a separate IP address with Puke.io – MkvXstream – Join the Cable Cutting Revolution
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1vfl3Pv )

mkvXstream.com | Roku Channels – Streaming Internet TV: Parental Controls Kids Mode Internet Safety

Kids today can be quite resourceful and many are even more tech savvy than some adults. Internet safety should be a high priority for every parent and it’s more important than ever to place your internet in “Kids Mode” to protect them. Here are some of the best ways to block websites, questionable content on Google, YouTube and even media streamers and other devices on your network with tough parental controls. – MkvXstream – Join the Cable Cutting Revolution http://ift.tt/1rx9ZtR

Roku Channels | Media Streamers & Streaming Internet TV: Bypass Geo-Blocking with Unlocator DNS…

Showbox was the Holy Grail of them and is still up and running today. Now with third party APK’s casting them with the native software wasn’t happening but luckily I found AllCast in the Google Play App Store. You can get this app free but only plays the first 15 seconds of video and the in app purchase is less than you would pay for a pint of cold beer. Now one thing I discovered about AllCast is you can also stream to Xbox 360 and many other devices. There are also other apps there that I use from the Android, […] [S]hould Showbox ever go down. I’m backed up with TV Portal and VideoMix. – Steven Jimmy Docherty, MkvXstream – Join the Cable Cutting Revolution http://ift.tt/1lWbKkn