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MobiTV Connect is Next-Level Streaming Stick

Think of MobiTV as a beefed-up Chromecast. In addition to being able to stream content from apps such as Netflix and Crackle, the MobiTV Connect also offers access to live programming (with a subscription) and network DVR functions. This means you could potentially record TV shows on your streaming stick. The company is still working out the details with the DVR function, as there are many copyright regulations involved. […] I was also impressed that you can install any Android game on the MobiTV Connect to play on the big screen, turning it into a nifty little console. Using the Connect gaming app, you can download any game on the Play store and install it on the dongle, which has 2GB of storage dedicated to games. The app then turns your smartphone into a controller for that game. – Cherlynn Low, Tom’s Guide 
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MobiTV’s Streaming Stick Pops Up

Hat tip to tech blogger [Dave Zatz,Zatz Not Funny] for spotting the coming MobiTV “Connect” HDMI streaming stick as it passed through the FCC for testing. […] Connect will debut sometime in the first half of 2015, with an expectation that partners will use the device in tandem with MobiTV’s platform to deliver a curated array of live TV channels, as well as on-demand video, music and games. That makes it sound like the device could end up fueling a new set of so-called “virtual” MVPD offerings that could be delivered over-the-top. – Jeff Baumgartner,Multichannel News
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MobiTV’s Streaming Stick Takes on Chromecast

MobiTV is a cloud-based media platform that powers such apps as Sprint TV and T-Mobile TV. Now the company is making an HDMI streaming stick that will put a vast library of media at your fingertips. […] The MobiTV will have access to a larger variety of titles from the get go than Chromecast did. And the new streaming stick will support third-party titles such as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu, just like the Chromecast. Not only that, MobiTV will give you access to live TV channels via its library. For full access to all these channels, you will likely need to pay a monthly subscription to your wireless provider. A lot of these nitty gritty details are still being ironed out by the MobiTV team. – Cherlynn Low,Tom’s Guide  
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