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Antennas Direct buys Mohu to create indoor/outdoor TV antenna giant

Antennas Direct will focus on making its antennas smaller, more powerful and more resistant to interference. Schneider said his company can hopefully get higher gain while reducing the size. He also wants the combined R&D teams to work on smart antennas that are self-structuring, meaning they can receive feedback from a tuner and reconfigure themselves. He said the U.S. military already has antenna technology like that, but his company working on doing it at a price point that consumers can accept. – Ben Munson, FierceVideo » https://ift.tt/3a3aKH3

Mohu Helping Fed Up Comcast, Dish Customers Cut The Cord

By combining a Mohu antenna with a streaming box and replacing a Comcast subscription with ones from Netflix and Hulu, a consumer can very quickly pay much less for the same programming that Comcast supplies.[…] Demand for cutting the cord seems to be growing and so is Mohu. “3 million to 5 million people a year are cutting the cord. Eventually that is going to get the attention of Comcast and Dish. Meanwhile, we have grown from 10 people in 2011 when we launched to 70 now — and we add people to make the product during Christmas. Our revenues were up 600% to 700% in 2013 and will end up being 75% to 100% higher in 2014.” – Peter Cohan,Forbes

“Mohu Channels” Device Starts Shipping

Mohu, creator of the world’s first paper-thin indoor HDTV antenna, today began shipping its first Mohu Channels personal TV devices to its 1,200+ Kickstarter backers. Based on overwhelming crowdfunding support and insights gleaned through its Kickstarter program, Mohu Channels is now packed with a number of new supporter-requested features. […] Mohu Channels is the first device to give consumers the freedom to create their own personalized TV experience by combining their favorite over-the-air (OTA) broadcast channels, video apps and web content in a single, highly personalized channel guide. – PR Newswire via Home Theater Review

After Supreme Court Ruling, Aereo’s Rivals in TV Streaming Seize Opening

The main difference between these companies — which have not drawn the ire of broadcasters — and Aereo is that their customers own the antennas and capture signals in their homes, as opposed to remotely. [Mark Ely,Simple.TV] and [Mark Buff,Mohu] say they believe that will satisfy the requirement under copyright law that the transmissions be private performances, a position that Aereo argued unsuccessfully before the Supreme Court. “Where you capture the signal makes all the difference,” Mr. Ely said. “This fits squarely in fair use.” – Emily Steel, The New York Times http://ift.tt/1jCHvta

How Mohu is enabling a future for cord-cutters – Lost Remote

The reason Aereo existed and became so popular was because it filled a real and growing consumer need: the freedom to watch the TV they want at a price they can afford – something cable companies couldn’t deliver. Even without Aereo, consumers still feel this way, which will continue to drive the ‘cord-cutting’ movement forward. The good news is, consumers still have many options. From over-the-air antennas for free broadcast TV to streaming services like Netflix, consumers have the power to get what they want from TV. – Mark Bluff, Mohu via Natan Edelsburg, Lost Remote http://ift.tt/1rGUD5l

RCA Antenna Aimed Toward HD Cord-Cutters | http://www.twice.com

RCA has begun shipping its Ultra-Thin HDTV indoor antenna, designed to receive free TV broadcasts in both UHF and VHF frequencies […] Two models are available: The first can receive signals up to 30 miles away, while the second enables users located on the outer fringe of a broadcast tower’s range to pick up signals using RCA’s SmartBoost amplified technology. – Lisa Johnston, TWICE Magazine http://ift.tt/1itSkTc