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You Will Never Get Rich as a YouTuber

YouTube is rife with success stories, some more deserving than others. And those lucky enough to soar into the rarified top three percent of channels manage to secure around 90 percent of the views on the platform. Not there yet? Too bad. And even if you made it, according to Mathias Bärtl, the Offenburg University professor behind the research, it’s likely your earnings just clear $16,000 a year—right in the bottom 12 percent of income for a single person in the US. – Bryan Menegus, Gizmodo http://gizmo.do/Or89Ob5

YouTube Ads Don’t Support YouTube Videos, Says YouTube Producer on YouTube’s Stage

“For the most part, everything my brother and I have done, we’ve done largely without advertising. …Today, Hank and I have 30 employees helping us create shows that are both educational and fun to watch. And even though our subscribers and views have grown 10-fold in that time — 10 million and counting — less than 20 percent of our company’s revenue comes from advertising. And that percentage is shrinking by 5 percent every year.” – John Green via Peter Kafka, Re/code
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