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MP3 is dead, long live AAC

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, announced that it had terminated licensing for certain MP3-related patents…in other words, they didn’t want to keep it on life support, because there are better ways to store music in the year 2017. Rest now forever, MP3. – David Lumb, Engadget http://engt.co/2r2ywiO

5 Ways Streaming Music Will Change In 2016

Pandora has no plans to abandon the personalized radio model it pioneered. Instead, it’s bolting on new features and revenue streams. Most notably, it’s branching out into on-demand streaming using the recently acquired assets of Rdio, the now-shuttered Spotify competitor. That means that in addition to personalized stations, listeners can hand-pick songs and albums from a library of millions of tracks. For Pandora, it adds a new revenue stream, albeit one that is still not economically bulletproof. But unlike online radio, whose royalty rates are decided by legislators and judges, on-demand streaming will let Pandora negotiate licensing costs directly with labels. – John Paul Titlow, Fast Company

Pocket your favorite videos with our guide to downloading YouTube videos

Now officially out of the beta phase, ClipConverter is an easy solution for all your YouTube downloading needs. The Web-based utility is entirely free, requires no additional software to run and can quickly download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, IMDB, Metacafe, MySpace, and many others. The tool features all the standard format types — from MP3s to WMVs — and even includes an option to edit embedded ID3 tags. – Brandon Widder, Digital Trends

Opera Max can now save data on streaming tunes

The services available to take advantage include YouTube Music, Pandora, Slacker, Gaana and Saavn. By using Opera Max with any of these services its said you’ll save up to 50% of your data compared to using them without. Opera Max can already offer data savings on video streaming and the technology behind this is similar. It uses optimizations powered by Rocket Optimizer, managing streaming audio traffic and can convert the streams to a more efficent, AAC+ codec from MP3 and MP4. The benefit to AAC+ being a quality sound delivered over a low bitrate connection. – Richard Devine, Android Central

I hate iTunes. And I think Apple does, too

iTunes went from being a svelte piece of software to an octopus of an application—and with that, an array of problems began popping up. iTunes 7, for instance, saw 18 updates in less than 12 months. Likewise, iTunes 10 (with Ping!) had 19 updates in a year. iTunes 11, meanwhile, needed 17 patches in its 11 month life. On the bright side, things are looking better for iTunes 12—with only three releases since its rollout in October […], it’s fair to ask if iTunes is any better. All this history sidesteps the injection of the App Store into iTunes. With the launch of iOS 2, iPhone owners needed somewhere to download their various digital goodies from, and someone in Cupertino thought it would be a great idea to make iTunes that place. – John Patrick Pullen, Quartz

Jay Z’s streaming service isn’t for everybody (i.e. the poors)

“This service is not for everybody,” company CEO Andy Chen told The Verge in October. “Spotify is for everybody. You don’t even have to pay! But for quality, you have to pay.” While Spotify freeloaders belly up to the streaming trough, shoving garbage, 320kpbs-quality audio into headphones so crusted with cannery grime and gizzard grease, they can’t tell the difference anyway, TIDAL users are pouring fizzy aural champagne into the flutes of their ear canals. They also enjoy high-definition music videos, “expertly curated” editorial content from Talkhouse Music, and its own Shazam-like service (which presumably not only identifies the song you’re looking for, but compliments you on your taste). – Sean O’Neal, The A.V. Club

Napster still exists, and it has millions of streaming music subscribers

[I]n the late 90s and early oughts, the service was being used by many high-school and college students to share and download media files, mainly MP3s. It conditioned a generation of consumers to expect to be able to access music for free. Then, after its legality was challenged successfully in the courts by Metallica, Napster shut itself down, […] It was passed between a number of owners, including German multimedia giant Bertelsmann Music Group, and, even for a brief time, the retailer Best Buy, before being acquired in 2011 by Rhapsody – John McDuling, Quartz
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Streams and vinyl sales double while music downloads dwindle

While digital album and song sales continued their downward spiral, record sales have more than doubled since last year. All this is according to Nielsen SoundScan, which reports that the 9.2 million wax tally is the highest since it started tracking sales in 1991. For context, however, digital sales still bested physical by a massive margin (CDs weren’t broken out, according to The Wall Street Journal), with 106.5 million albums downloaded in 2014. Meanwhile, individual song sales dipped 12 percent compared to 2013. Streaming services, on the other hand, vaulted with 164 billion songs streamed last year, a 54 percent increase over 2013. – Timothy J. Seppala,Engadget
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