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New Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes hit Netflix this Thanksgiving

The new season will run for six episodes, and, as is usually the case with Netflix shows, all six of them will be available to stream right away. The entire season 11 cast will return to reprise their roles, including Jonah Ray Rodrigues as the everyman host, Felicia Day as the villain, Patton Oswalt as her sidekick, Baron Vaughn as Tom Servo, Hampton Yount as Crow T. Robot, and Rebecca Hanson as Gypsy. – Samuel Axon, Ars Technica https://ift.tt/2xIZwWJ

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return’ Renewed For Season 2 On Netflix

Season 2 of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return will be available on Netflix in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland “in the not-too-distant-future.” – Denise Petski, Deadline Hollywood http://ift.tt/2jhRzjr

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Marathon to Stream Free on Twitch

Over a six-day stretch, 38 episodes of B-movie riffing comedy “Mystery Science Theater 3000” will live-stream on the Amazon-owned video game broadcasting service. The marathon kicks off June 26 at 11 a.m. PT and end July 3 on the Twitch channel of Shout Factory TV (http://ift.tt/2s3zkk2), which acquired the global rights to “MST3K” in 2015. – Todd Spangler, Variety http://bit.ly/2tzA6qR

MST3K breaks Kickstarter records, secures 14 new episodes

The end result of all those tweets, campaign videos, and nostalgia-plucking Mystery Science Theater 3000 reruns? A staggering $6.3 million, a number that includes hundreds of thousands in “add-on” donations, plus a record-breaking $5,764,229 on Kickstarter itself, the highest amount ever raised for a video project on the crowdfunding platform. (The new series just barely beat out the previous record holder, the Veronica Mars movie.) – William Hughes, The A.V. Club

Cult Corner: How To Live Stream ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Turkey Day For Free!

“Turkey Day” was born in 1991. Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot wore silly costumes. The team created some interstitial sketches. Oh, and Mike Nelson parodied A&E’s Jack Perkins! The Thanksgiving marathon continued with a larger budget and more sprawling narrative. It soon became a cult favorite amongst comedy nerds and cinemaphiles trying their best not to watch football or engage with family members during the holiday. […] [Mystery Science Theater 3000] has been resuscitated with the help of Shout! Factory TV, RiffTrax, and a recent Kickstarter campaign to create brand new episodes. Staring at 12 pm EST tomorrow, November 26, 2015, Shout! Factory TV will offer a free Turkey Day live stream at www.BringBackMST3K.com. – Meghan O’Keefe, Decider

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Creators To Release Episodes On RiffTrax.com Every Monday

photo: Everett Collection, The Decider

Despite the popular parody series ending back in 1999, stars Mike Nelson, Kevin “Tom Servo” Murphy, and Bill “Crow T. Robot.” Corbett have been continuing their crusade of irreverent commentary by way of their home base, RiffTrax.com, as well as live appearances. Though they’re no longer making fun of terrible movies under the Mystery Science Theater 3000 umbrella created by Joel Hodgson, the trio is still partying like it’s 1999 and delivering their familiar wisecracking on everything from B-movies to Oscar Winners — new and old — through various collections on RiffTrax.com. – Olivia Armstrong, Decider
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