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Streaming generated $1.3bn for major music labels in Q2 2017

According to global industry body the IFPI, in 2016 as a whole, the recorded-music industry made $3.9bn from audio streaming services, and another $553m from ‘user-upload video streaming services’ (i.e. YouTube). – Music Ally http://ift.tt/2evsiE4

JAY-Z Album Arrives On All Streaming Platforms — Except Spotify

JAY-Z’s move to hold his album from Spotify isn’t exactly a surprise. In April, he removed his entire catalog from the service without explaining why. Some theorized at the time it was because the streaming service’s ad-based freemium tier paid less than subscriber-only services—which may have been what spurred him to launch his own music streaming service with Tidal in March of 2015. The move may also have been a way to drive his fans to his own platform ahead of TIDAL’s week-long exclusive launch of 4:44. – Andy Gensler, Billboard http://ift.tt/2uQVhEP

Spotify Is Letting Labels Pay to Put Music in Your Playlists

[T]he BBC reports that Spotify is currently testing out a system wherein record labels can pay to have music appear in the playlists of the service’s free users. It more or less sounds like these “sponsored songs” will function a little like Spotify’s regular ads for non-subscribers, but instead, they’re whole pieces of music. Tight. The FADER says that the sponsored songs will match the listening habits of each individual user because no marketing is better than the hyper-targeted kind. Again, if you already pay Spotify Premium’s $9.99 monthly fee and don’t see ads anyway, you’re unaffected, and free users can opt out of sponsored songs if they can somehow locate it in their options (The Verge has a handy guide on how to do so). – Phil Witmer, MOTHERBOARD http://ift.tt/2sBKKxa

Taylor Swift is getting back together with Spotify

It’s unclear what changed between Taylor Swift and Spotify since then. The musician could have changed her stance and realized that being on streaming services could convert new people into fans. They could’ve also struck a secret deal. Whatever it is, Recode says her songs will be available to both free and paid users when they go live. – Mariel’s Moon, Engadget http://engt.co/2r1u94l

Spotify’s Beta Used ‘Pirate’ MP3 Files, Some From Pirate Bay

Rumors that early versions of Spotify used ‘pirate’ MP3s have been floating around the Internet for years. People who had access to the service in the beginning later reported downloading tracks that contained ‘Scene’ labeling, tags, and formats, which are the tell-tale signs that content hadn’t been obtained officially. – Andy, TorrentFreak http://ift.tt/2qNQuWo
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