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Spotify Names Dawn Ostroff Chief Content Officer

Ostroff was previously entertainment president of The CW network and from 2002 to 2006 was president of the UPN Network, where she developed the reality series “America’s Next Top Model.” She headed programming at Lifetime from 1996-2002. – Variety https://ift.tt/2IrXFbt

Spotify Offers Managers, Artists Advances to License Music Directly to Its Streaming Service: Exclusive

Under the terms of some of the deals, management firms can receive several hundred thousand dollars as an advance fee for agreeing to license a certain number of tracks by their independent acts directly to Spotify. Then, in at least some cases, the managers and acts stand to earn 50 percent of the revenue per stream on those songs on Spotify. That’s slightly less than the 54 percent of revenue the major record labels in the U.S. get per stream, on average, according to Billboard’s calculations, but major-label artists and their managers typically receive only 20 percent to 50 percent of the label’s share, depending on an act’s individual royalty rates, and don’t usually get to own their master recordings. – Hannah Karp, Billboard https://ift.tt/2sHa9XN

iHeartMedia Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Among the music companies listed as creditors on the iHeart docket are Nielsen (owed $20 million); SoundExchange ($6.4 million); Warner Music Group ($3.9 million); Universal Music Group ($1.3 million); and Spotify ($2.1 million). Performance rights organizations ASCAP and BMI are each owed slightly over $1.4 million while Global Music Rights is looking at a $2 million debt. – Gene Maddaus, Variety http://ift.tt/2ph2iNN

Blockchain could completely transform the music industry

Since they are immutable distributed ledgers owned by no single entity, blockchains will enable content creators to register ownership of their creations without the need for big record labels. This concept is being tested and explored by several startups and nonprofit organizations. One key player is Ujo, based on the Ethereum blockchain, that enables artists to manage their identities, music, and licensing on their own terms. Combining the transparency of the blockchain with the innovation of smart contracts, the system also enables consumers to license the music for various purposes. – Ben Dickson, Tech Talks via VentureBeat http://ift.tt/2sgKinq

Neil Young’s huge online music archive opens to the public

The veteran Canadian rocker has launched the simply-titled Neil Young Archives, a website that includes all the media he has produced to date. And we do mean everything — every song Neil Young has made is available to stream for free (until June 30th 2018) through his Xstream Music service, including unreleased tracks. – Jon Fingas, Engadget http://engt.co/2AFiBvQ

Spotify Reaches Deal With Sony Music: Sources

Universal Music Group’s deal gives Spotify a break on the percentage of revenue that it must pays UMG in royalties as its subscriber base grows, going down to about 52 percent of revenue from 55 percent, sources have told Billboard. UMG’s deal also gives its artists the ability to limit their albums to Spotify’s paid tier for two weeks after release — though no big acts have yet taken advantage of that freedom to date. – Hannah Karp, Billboard http://ift.tt/2tJ5iUW
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