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Every “Weird Al” Show From His Latest Tour Is Streaming Right Now

It was a popular tour full of sold-out venues, but if you couldn’t get tickets, he still wants you to hear him, and so as of today, all 77 shows on the tour are available to stream for members of Stitcher Premium…and he even has a special promo code for a free month. – Luke Y. Thompson, Nerdist https://ift.tt/2K8suaH

SAG-AFTRA Hit With Class Action Suit Over Streaming Music Service Fees

According to the suit, SAG-AFTRA and [The American Federation of Musicians] began collecting a 3% service fee from the fund in 2013. The suit alleges that the unions have collected more than $5 million in fees in exchange for providing data and for administering the fund, thereby reducing the pool of money available to performers. The suit also alleges that the interests of the fund are skewed towards the unions. – Gene Maddaus, Variety https://ift.tt/2tmERFS

Pandora matches Spotify and Apple Music with new $15-a-month family plan

The family deal looks like Pandora’s latest effort to try and convert some of its 80 million monthly free listeners to paid subscribers (and keep pace with its rivals in the process). The company launched its Premium service last March after acquiring key assets from Rdio, but has a way to go to catch up with the likes of Spotify, which had 70 million paid users as of this January compared to Pandora’s roughly six million. – James Vincent, The Verge https://ift.tt/2seWkPK

Spotify is preparing this redesign for free users

While there are several notable changes in this version of Spotify free for mobile, perhaps the biggest is the new option to play certain playlists on demand, as seen with the “Gold Edition” playlist above. If a playlist can only be played in shuffle mode, that is now designated with a blue shuffle icon. Previously on the free tier, all playlists could only be played in shuffle mode. – Dani Deahl, The Verge https://ift.tt/2HcEVNq

Spotify’s public filing reveals key stats about the streaming giant

Spotify quietly signaled its intention to become a publicly traded company in December of last year, even though several lawsuits over licensing were looming. Now the streaming service has filed for a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange, an alternative to the more typical initial public offering (IPO) that offers the company a savings on underwriting fees and a dilution of existing shares. – Rob LeFebvre, Engadget http://engt.co/2F19e8v
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