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Streaming Drives Sales, According to New Study

The study, which focused on consumers who remembered hearing a new track in the previous seven days, asked where they heard the music, if it was by an artist they were already familiar with, and how they responded to the most recent new song they heard. Some 69 percent took some action, whether that meant searching for further information, playing it for a friend or making a purchase. Invariably, users who discovered the song online were more likely to respond. Half who listened on a streaming app did further research — such as hitting Shazam to identify the artist, or Googling the lyrics. That figure is triple the 17 percent of radio listeners who conducted follow-up research. […] While researchers were somewhat surprised that streaming consumers were heavier music buyers, they were also shocked to discover how little people are sharing their discoveries via social media. Just 5 percent of radio users mentioned a new song on Facebook. That number jumped to 13 percent for streaming apps and 23 percent for YouTube constituents. – Tom Roland,Billboard
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Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff Heads for the Door. (Memo)

Rio Caraeff, who has run the Vevo music video service since its creation in 2009, is leaving at the end of the year. […] Vevo has yet to turn a profit, but it is very big: It’s now generating 8 billion views a month, with the bulk of those occurring on YouTube. Earlier this year Vevo’s owners put the company up for sale, then changed their minds. Some digital investors are still hoping they change their minds again. […] Vevo’s case was additionally complicated by the fact that Google, its partner (and eventually an investor) had an uneasy relationship with the company. Vevo’s music videos are very important to Google’s YouTube, but YouTube executives would have preferred working directly with the videos owners, instead of Vevo. – Peter Kafka,Re/code
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Forget Taylor Swift: Spotify is facing a much bigger problem

Spotify itself has admitted, YouTube is already, easily, the biggest streaming music site on the planet, and that’s without it even really trying. The YouTube brand, which gets a staggering 1 billion unique visitors each month, might be in a stronger position to convert users into paying music subscribers than its parent company has been. The service will include the ability to watch videos without advertising, and the ability to save music for listening offline, the Financial Times reported. – John McDuling,Quartz 
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