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‘The Umbrella Academy’ Showrunner Steve Blackman Inks Big Overall Deal With Netflix

Blackman is the second key auspice behind The Umbrella Academy signed into a deal by Netflix. The streamer in May inked a first-look deal with series’ producer Dark Horse Entertainment whose sibling Dark Horse Comics publishes The Umbrella Academy comic books. – Nellie Andreeva, Deadline Hollywood » https://ift.tt/2Tr6N7t [photo: Steve Blackman/IMDb]

Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and more react to Roku dropping Fox channels, apps

Customers were only alerted Thursday via email that “all standalone Fox channels will no longer be available on Roku streaming devices” — just three days ahead of the Super Bowl. The move is over a distribution agreement dispute between Roku and Fox and each side is placing blame on the other. – Taryn Ryder, Yahoo Entertainment » https://ift.tt/2RKDFse [photo: Fox News]

CBS, Dish Reach Carriage Deal After Brief Blackout

CBS and Dish Network on Saturday morning said they reached a multi-year pact for carriage of CBS-owned stations across the U.S. as well as the Eye’s cable networks, coming after CBS pulled its signals Friday night from the satcaster. […] The companies’ announcement did not address whether Dish has OTT rights to CBS programming. According to a source familiar with the deal, CBS will negotiate with Dish in good faith for Internet TV rights if and when the satellite carrier launches an OTT service. Dish has said it plans to launch an OTT service before the end of 2014, having secured deals with Disney/ESPN, Scripps Networks Interactive and A&E Networks. – Todd Spangler,Variety 
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Did HBO’s Streaming Service Play a Role In Dish-Turner Fracas?

It has been more than two weeks since satellite broadcaster Dish Network Corp. abruptly dropped several cable networks owned by Time Warner ’s Turner Broadcasting unit, including CNN and Cartoon Network. No resolution is in sight. […] Privately, though, several Turner executives say they suspect a major factor in the breakdown of talks was the decision by HBO, another Time Warner unit, to launch a standalone streaming video service. […] Dish has a history of not taking too kindly to programmers that offer their content online to consumers without requiring a pay-TV subscription. Earlier this year, World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. launched its own over-the-top network and Dish retaliated by refusing to carry WWE’s pay-per-view events. – Joe Flint,The Wall Street Journal  
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AMC And DirecTV Are Fighting, And It Could Cost You The Second Half Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5

The carriage agreement between AMC and DirecTV expires at the end of the year. Negotiations are apparently not going very or well, or, at least, poorly enough that AMC felt the need to run scary graphics and on-air spots during last night’s episode of The Walking Dead informing viewers that they could lose the second half of Season 5 — which runs from February to April — to a blackout if they don’t ACT NOW HURRY NOW CALL SOMEONE NOW NOW NOW. Along the same lines, the network also put out this adorably manipulative statement about the matter. […] Let me be clear: When I say “adorably manipulative,” that doesn’t mean I think you should side with DirecTV in this particular game of chicken. In fact, as a general principle, you should almost never side with a large cable/satellite provider about anything. I just think it’s a little hilarious how blatantly AMC is playing the “THEY’RE TRYING TO TAKE YOUR ZOMBIES AWAY” card here. – Danger Guerrero,UPROXX
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The golden age of cord-cutting is upon us. Don’t let scare tactics tell you otherwise

What you’re witnessing is the first few cracks in the mighty cable paywall […] Naysayers would have you believe otherwise. They actually think that big, bloated cable bundles are a great deal, and that dismantling them leaves us in no better shape than before. But that only makes sense in a world where people are constantly glued to their televisions. Times change, one size doesn’t fit all, and the fearmongers will be proven wrong. […] The problem is that this system promotes excess and bloat. When the NFL asks ESPN for more money to carry Monday Night Football, that cost gets passed onto the cable company, which passes it onto you. To jack up costs even more, a network with lots of channels, like Viacom, may only sell them to the cable company as a package deal, thus encouraging them to add more. Meanwhile, the cable company, trying to protect its profits, hikes its rates, invents new fees, and makes subscribers pay the company’s excise taxes. Suddenly, your cable bill is far outpacing the rate of inflation, even as your viewing habits stay the same. […] Predictably, the arrival of new streaming options has provoked plenty of fearmongers and cable apologists—people who want to scare you into thinking we’re on a bad path. Be careful what you wish for, they say, because a la carte is going to be a lot more expensive than buying a big fat cable bundle. – Jared Newman,TechHive

Be shrewd or get screwed: How to haggle your way to a lower cable or Internet bill

[Make the call] There’s no way to make this work by email or letter, you have to call. The end of the month is the best time to call because they’ll be under pressure to hit targets. […] You have to find a number for retentions, or choose the option to cancel your service when you call up. Do not call the sales department. Worst case scenario you’ll have to talk to a customer service rep and tell them you want to cancel to get transferred through to the retentions department. Only the retentions department has the power to offer these deals…]

  • Never accept the first offer because it won’t be the best one.
  • If they say they’re not authorized to give you a discount then ask to speak to a supervisor.
  • It’s possible they won’t offer you anything. Don’t panic. There is a discretionary element to this and it can be worth giving up with the person you’re talking to and trying again with a different person a few days later.
  • If they’re prepared to let you go and they won’t at least match a competitor’s offer then you probably should switch anyway.
  • Write down everything they offer and don’t feel pressured to accept on the spot, you can always say you have to discuss it with your significant other.

It sucks that you have to do this to get the best deal, but it’s well worth making a phone call every six months or so if you can save yourself a significant sum of money, and you often can. You’ve really got nothing to lose by trying. Good luck! – Simon Hill,Digital Trends

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‘Seinfeld’ Streaming: Will The Greatest Comedy Of The ‘90s Show Up On Netflix This Fall?

Seinfeld” is still running in syndication on local networks around the country—you can even see ads for it on the New York City subway now and again. The show remains perennially popular, and I’d bet you that DVD sales remain very robust, as far as twenty-year-old shows go. The show would command a very high premium on a streaming service, but, unlike “South Park,” which recently inked a major (and terrible) deal with Hulu Plus, “Seinfeld” doesn’t have the benefit of a large audience that’s watching the show week-to-week. It’s tougher to justify a tremendously-priced deal, but one is apparently in the works—Netflix is already negotiating with the companies involved to bring the show to its streaming service. – Apolon,IDigital Times  
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