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“Netflix tax” will not happen, says Canada’s broadcast regulator

While the CRTC, which is akin to America’s FCC, initially tried to use the process to pull companies like Netflix and Google into its regulatory net, it appears to have given up for now. “Regulating Netflix is the least of our worries,” CRTC Chairman Pierre Blais told Montreal news site La Presse. […] The CRTC appears to be sidestepping a fight it can’t win. While many will be pleased with this outcome, it will also anger Canada’s cultural elite as well as the country’s media giants, which have complained it’s unfair they must pay fees that U.S. internet companies do not. – Jeff John Roberts,Gigaom 
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DFer wants a tax on online video-streaming services

Alex Ahrendtsen, the culture spokesperson for Dansk Folkeparti, wants a 2 percent tax charged to multinational online video-streaming services like Netflix. Ahrendtsen wants the levy to be part of a new film deal, for which negotiations begin on 7 October, as a way to help fund the Danish film industry. […] Ahrendtsen called companies like Google, Apple Inc. and Netflix “soldiers of fortune” that undermine, rather than help, the Danish film market. […] Enhedslisten culture spokesperson Jørgen Arbo-Bæhr said that consumers would wind up paying the bill if companies are hit with a fee. – Ray Weaver,The Copenhagen Post 
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Proposed “Netflix tax” divides Canadians at key TV hearings

Should Netflix and other U.S.-based companies that provide “over-the-top” internet services be subject to a TV tax that subsidizes Canadian culture? The issue has been a source of contention as Canada’s broadcast regulator holds hearings over how to revise TV regulations for the digital era. […] At the “Let’s Talk TV” hearings now underway before Canada’s broadcast regulator, provincial governments like Ontario and Quebec have argued that Netflix should be subject to the levy. The country’s powerful cable industry and the national broadcaster, the CBC, have made the same arguments, arguing that companies like Netflix and iTunes should not get a free pass when their own services must pay for Canadian content. – Jeff John Roberts,Gigaom
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