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Dutch ISPs refuse to cooperate with anti-piracy plan

The scheme envisaged by the Dutch dustributor is to ask ISPs to send letters to those IP addresses that engage in illegal activities. These letters will serve as a warning threatening legal action if further copyright infringements are noticed. KPN and Ziggo, the country’s largest ISPs, have so far refused to work along with this scheme. The two operators will not hand over information of their customers, unless ordered by a judge. – Robert Briel, Broadband TV News

Popcorn Time Fork Goes Dark After MPAA Hounds Developers

[M]ost recently a new group of developers launched a Popcorn Time Community Edition (PTCE). The people behind PTCE began their work with a fully operational fix for the .io fork which was circulated on Reddit. Later they also added their own fork and a dedicated website at Popcorntime.ml. […] The MPAA pressure shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the lawsuit against the developers of the popular .io fork. Also, two PTCE developers had to quit the project last month after they were targeted by Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak

T-Mobile to launch OTT TV service in Holland

According to the operator, consumers are tired of having to pay for big bundles of TV channels. Its new Knippr service will offer a basic tier of channels, including the main channels from NPO, RTL Nederland and SBS Broadcasting, and customers can add more channels a la carte. […] No other T-Mobile subscription is required, making it a true OTT service. When the service will officially launch, it will be compatible with Chromecast and Apple TV 4, also an app for tablet and smartphone will become available. – Robert Briel, Broadband TV News

Dutch Court Won’t Ban ‘Pirate’ Streaming Boxes – Yet

[I]n a decision published this week, BREIN was informed by the Midden-Nederland court that it would not be handing down a ban on the sale of devices offered by Moviestreamer. The problem (and indeed the answer) lies in a separate case BREIN has pending against Filmspeler.nl, another vendor of similar devices. Filmspeler.nl sold media-players bundled with XBMC and pre-installed addons which provided hyperlinks to unlicensed sites offering movies, TV shows, live sports and music. Filmspeler was clear on the purpose of its devices, marketing them with slogans such as “Never go to the cinema again”, “Netflix is the past” and “Never pay again.” – Andy, TorrentFreak

In Holland 61% of viewing time is non-linear

photo: Broadband TV News

The figures come from a survey of 6,600 Dutch consumers aged 12-80 during the second quarter of 2015 by the Telecompaper Consumer Panel. The survey found that watching live TV is still by far the most popular way to consume video content, accounting on average for almost two hours a day. However, there are large differences across age groups. People 50 or older spend about 140 minutes a day on average watching live TV, while teenagers (12 up to 20 years old) only watch 68 minutes of live TV a day. – Broadband TV News

One in three Dutch homes have their TV connected

photo: Broadband TV News

The Media Standard Survey found that cable is continuing to decline, but with 55% is still the most popular platform, followed by 13% IPTV on DSL, 8% IPTV over FTTH, 7% KPN’s DTT service Digitenne and around 6% for satellite DTH. 36% of households have digital video recorders, of which 26% sits a in a set-top box and 13% in a DVD player. The share of homes with a DVD player has fallen from 51% in the second half of 2014 to 47% at the end of June 2015. – Robert Briel, Broadband TV News

Ziggo: internet up, TV down

Dutch operator Ziggo said that during Q3, 2014, the total internet subscribers was up 20,000 to a total of 1.99 million, representing a penetration of 73.7%. Digital pay-TV revenue was down by 1.4% y-o-y due to a decline in subscribers, partly offset by an ARPU increase and an uptake in VOD. […] Ziggo blamed this on the difficult macro-environment, the switch from subscription-based to on-demand-based video consumption, the price increase for live football and increased competition from OTT premium TV providers (read: Netflix). – Robert Briel,Broadband TV News
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4.2 million Dutch are active streaming users

According to the latest Trends in Digital Entertainment report from GfK usage in the age group of 13 – 17 year old has grown from 38% to 54%, while 43% of this between 18 and 34 years old are regular streamers. Subscription steaming services are mainly responsible for most of the growth with Netflix and Spotify being the most popular services. […] One third of all Dutch people is using streaming music. Those subscribing to premium music service listen for an average of 11 hours per week, mainly on their smartphones. – Robert Briel,Broadband TV News
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