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Now You Can Watch Every Episode Of ‘Are You Afraid Of The Dark’ On YouTube

If you had the privilege of growing up in the greatest decade of all time — the ’90s — you probably remember the show Are You Afraid of the Dark. […] From goblins to ghosts, old neighbors, crimson clowns and water demons, every episode centered on paranormal tales and urban legends, but since the series ended over 14 years ago, we’ve been looking for a way to traumatize the next generation of kids. Well, it looks like YouTube has answered the call. Every episode ever of the horror anthology series is now available on the video sharing website which means you can now properly educate your own kids on “The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner.” – Jessica Toomer,UPROXX 
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Sony sets high price bar for Web TV

The Japanese media and electronics giant is set to launch the service before year’s end as a way to goose sales of its Web-connected TV sets during the crucial holiday season. […] One source told The Post that the price would be around the $80 mark, while a second person said, “We hear its going to be competitive with a traditional basic cable package at between $60 to $65.” […] Sony last month revealed a big deal with Viacom to carry 22 of its channels, including MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. It has also held talks with FOX and Disney. “They had huge ambitions of breaking up the bundle and being the champion of the consumer, but they’ve had no success in doing that and they’re licking their wounds,” said one source. – Claire Atkinson,New York Post

Relive your childhood with streaming site Nick Reboot

Nick Reboot streams classic Nickelodeon shows 24 hours a day. The live stream is free to watch. Shows are shown in random order; upcoming shows are listed along the bottom of the page. You can also see what’s currently playing and the next two shows on tap at @nr_schedule. […] In addition to the free site, Nick Reboot has a paid site that offers on demand service for those suffering particularly sharp pangs for the TV shows of their youth. – Matt Elliott,CNET
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Cable TV providers brace for the ‘streaming wars’

It’s a huge get for Amazon, which recently raised prices for Prime subscriptions and has made huge moves to shore up its streaming video content library over the past year. Netflix, which raised its own prices in mid-April, saw its stock price plunge 5 percent the day of the HBO announcement. Partnering with big names like HBO and Nickelodeon is just one way to lure a cable chord-cutter. A slew of streaming devices have crowded onto the market over the past few years, including set-top boxes like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon’s just-released Fire TV. Hulu recently unveiled a remote control for subscribers using it on video game consoles. – Schuyler Velasco, The Christian Science Monitor
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