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Canadian rights holders fight TVAddons

Now, the companies are trying to sue TVAddons founder Adam Lackman, who saw his Montreal home raided on the grounds of a so-called Anton Piller order, a civil search warrant that gives a plaintiff access to a defendant’s home, without notice, to search for and seize relevant evidence before it can be destroyed. – Robert Briel, Broadband TV News http://ift.tt/2fjykaH

What The “KODI War” is all about

A trademark issue between Kodi, […] and numerous websites, Facebook groups forums and YouTube channels that have used the trademarked name and logo of the foundation has unravelled into what many who follow streaming services and hardware are calling “The KODI War”. […] While a developer may choose to build an app that links to copyright protected content using KODI’s platform this does not make that add-on a “KODIadd-on”. Kodi has its own repository of official add-ons […] But because there are a number of websites and social media sites that use Kodi in their titles that and promote things like ‘Top 5 Kodi add-ons for Free Movies” or “Watch every show on HBO for Free with this KODI Add-On” KODI feels it has caused market confusion as to what its software was meant to do. – Ryan Michael Downey, The Streaming Advisor

Have your say on the FCC’s plan to lock down WiFi routers

photo: Engadget

Many folks are concerned that the overly broad wording will force manufacturers to just lock out DD-WRT and other open-source programs and be done with it. Others believe that with recent net-neutrality decisions, the FCC won’t take any draconian actions. If you’ve got concerns, why not express them on the EFF‘s petition, where they’ll be “viewable online one day after being submitted to the FCC public docket?” As the FCC itself put it, “this is, of course, why the FCC does notices of proposed rulemaking and seeks comment from the parties and affected stakeholders.” – Steve Dent, Engadget

Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Netflix partner to build open media formats

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Each of the seven companies will contribute technology (royalty free) and expertise to support high-quality video, audio, imagery, and streaming across all types of devices. For example, Cisco will share technology relating to its new video codec Thor, Google will share details surrounding VP10, and Mozilla will offer up Daala. – Emil Protalinski, VentureBeat

Razer is in talks to buy OUYA, reports say

[A]ccording to a report on CNET: Apparently, Razer is in talks to buy the company. Razer and OUYA are working on a deal and discussing how to fold OUYA’s staff into Razer’s, though nothing is finalized, the site says. OUYA, as you’ll recall, raised $8.6 million on Kickstarter in 2012, pitching itself as an accessible, cheap, Android micro-console with a library of “free to try” games. – Jessica Conditt, Engadget

Olympus Air is a lens camera that pairs with your smartphone

Meet the Olympus Air, the company’s first attempt at this type of remote device. Aside from being able to connect with your iOS or Android smartphone wirelessly, the Olympus Air has a 16-megapixel Live MOS sensor and can take up to 320 shots on a charge. Interestingly enough, Olympus is pegging the Air as an open-platform camera, since the company does plan to allow third-party developers to create applications for it. – Edgar Alvarez, Engadget
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1AuHeFw )

The Backed Pack: A Firefox OS streaming device, a smart security system, & a slo-mo camera

Matchstick is a new streaming dongle powered by Mozilla’s Firefox OS. The small stick is a completely new product category for the OS, standing apart with its completely open platform that will work with any device. You can download the design schematics to build your own version or use a versatile developer SDK to grow the platform; the company’s developer program supplies interested parties with prototype models, ensuring that will happen. It doesn’t rest on its laurels with just those points. Its hardware is a move up from competing devices: bragging 4GB onboard storage and 1GB DDR3 memory. – VentureBeat
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1D1BOxW )

Magic Lantern Will Develop for Successfully Crowdfunded Apertus Axiom 4K Camera

[T]he [Apertus] project will be receiving the support of the Magic Lantern team. This is huge news, as they have done some amazing work with Canon cameras (and will continue to work on them), and they will likely be able to do far more with Axiom as they’ll have full access to all of the source code. A1ex from ML has said that depending on how the Super 35mm 4K sensor is sampled, it may be capable of a whopping 800fps in 1080p mode, which would be incredible (though this wouldn’t necessarily be something available in the first iteration of the camera as it’s limited by its outputs at the moment). – Joe Marine,No Film School
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1tr93FN )
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