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Netflix Sets ‘Julie’s Greenroom’ Preschool Series From Julie Andrews, Jim Henson Co.

Netflix is taking aim at “Sesame Street’s” turf in a deal with Julie Andrews and The Jim Henson Company for a live-action series about the arts aimed at the preschool demo. – Cynthia Littleton, Variety

Netflix will be bound by European content rules

Currently European TV broadcasters invest around 20% of their revenues in original content, compared to less than 1% for on demand providers. The Commission wants TV broadcasters to continue to dedicate at least half of viewing time to European works and will oblige on-demand providers to ensure at least 20% share of European content in their catalogues. At the same time the new Directive clarifies rules that allow member states to ask on demand services available in their country to contribute financially to Europeans works. – Julian Clover, Broadband TV News

Study: Video Streaming Is “Approaching Saturation”

The group predicts that in 2017 the growth will fall to $1.04 billion, the year after that it will shrink to $1.03 billion, the next year it will fall to $960 million, and so on. Within five years, annual domestic growth will fall below 8 percent, making international expansion imperative for services looking for faster growth. Nearly 60 percent of U.S. broadband households subscribe to a video streaming service already, and Strategy Analytics figures full market saturation is at 85 percent. – Paul Bond, The Hollywood Reporter

Fox to Air ‘Outcast’ Debut Episode on Facebook in Europe and Africa

Fox is set to become the first broadcaster in Europe and Africa to showcase a new drama on Facebook Live. On Friday, episode one of horror story “Outcast,” created by “The Walking Dead’s” Robert Kirkman, will debut exclusively through Facebook Live across the region. The episode will be seen simultaneously in 61 countries, including in the U.K., Italy, Spain, Poland, South Africa, Germany, Sweden and Turkey. The pilot will give fans their first taste of the thriller before its series bow the week of June 3 on Fox across the region. Fox will show every episode of “Outcast” weekly across the globe within hours of the U.S. transmission on Cinemax. – Leo Barraclough, Variety

‘Gilmore Girls’ Netflix Revival Title Revealed

The new series is set to be released on Netflix as four 90-minute installments. Sherman-Palladino will executive produce, write and direct the four 90-minute chapters with Daniel Palladino. Each of the four 90-minute episodes, Graham revealed Thursday during her appearance on the daytime talk show, would take place in a different season — winter, spring, summer and fall. – Daniel Holloway, Variety

Joel Kinnaman To Star In Netflix’s ‘Altered Carbon’ Series; Miguel Sapochnik Directs

Based on Richard Morgan’s award-winning 2002 cyberpunk sci-fi novel, Altered Carbon is set in the 25th century when the human mind has been digitized and the soul is transferable from one body to the next. Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman), a former elite interstellar warrior known as an Envoy who has been imprisoned for 500 years, is downloaded into a future he’d tried to stop. If he can solve a single murder in a world where technology has made death nearly obsolete, he’ll get a chance at a new life on Earth. – Nellie Andreeva, Deadline Hollywood

The Most Disliked Movie Trailer In History, According To YouTube

The numbers don’t lie, as ScreenCrush reports that the first trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot has accumulated 507,610 dislikes on YouTube. Just to be clear, this is a ridiculously high number. To offer a few comparisons, the article notes that the trailer for last year’s Fantastic Four reboot currently has 20,175 dislikes, while the trailer for Adam Sandler’s Netflix comedy The Ridiculous 6, which was panned across the board, only has 5,803 dislikes. – Adam Holmes, Cinema Blend

Why are so many great black TV shows missing from streaming services?

So what might turn African Americans into more regular streaming service users? The answer, Horowitz Research found, was content that feels like it’s created for black audiences. Twenty-eight percent of African American respondents said they “regularly watch programming that keeps them connected to Black culture.” Thirty-six percent regularly tune into channels that are aimed at black audiences. Sixty percent of black respondents said that having a mainly multicultural cast was a big plus for them when it came to deciding what to watch; 58 percent said that a mainly black cast was a significant draw; and 45 percent of African American respondents said that story lines that explicitly address race were appealing to them. In other words, if streaming services want black consumers’ money, they have a ready-made solution: Get the streaming rights to preexisting shows about black characters, or greenlight more shows like them. – Alyssa Rosenberg, Washington Post
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