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Welcome to the beginning of the end for pay TV bundles

photo: BGR

“The TV industry’s response has been cautious, licensing live feeds to DISH, SONY and, likely, AAPL for skinny bundle OTT services, but refusing to allow cloud-based DVR functionality,” [Paul Sagawa,Sector & Sovereign Research] wrote. “Trends suggest that online linear TV may prove less than popular. Hub Entertainment Research recently reported that 53% of all US video viewing is time-shifted – DVR, on-demand, or streaming – with millennials even less likely to watch linear TV. TWX and CBS have jumped in with on-demand streaming versions of their premium channels, but at price points too high to encourage cord cutting.” – Zach Epstein, BGR

Apple reportedly moving forward w/ streaming TV service deals, aiming for late fall debut

photo: 9to5Mac

Apple’s talks with networks for its upcoming streaming TV cable service are well underway, according to the New York Post. The four main broadcast networks are involved: ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. Apple’s 30% revenue share of the subscription fee remains a point of contention, but the report claims that negotiations are rapidly gaining momentum with Apple targeting a late fall launch of its new TV product. – Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac.com

Sling TV may add broadcast networks but won’t force you to buy them

Sling TV made “a key decision from the beginning” to omit broadcast content from its basic packages, Chief Executive Roger Lynch said at an industry conference in Chicago on Thursday. “You’ll see us launch broadcast networks in a tier,” he said, referring to collections of channels that subscribers can pay extra to add to the basic $20-a-month service. – Joan E. Solsman, CNET 
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