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Nearly 80% of Americans Are ‘Unlikely’ to Pay for Streaming Music, Study Finds

photo: Nielsen, Digital Music News

The Nielsen data highlighted two main reasons for not paying: (1) streaming services are charging too much, and (2) free services are good enough. That puts the spotlight once again on YouTube, which is surging forward as the fastest-growing component of the streaming music sector, but is completely free. According to earlier data also released by Nielsen, YouTube is now growing 60% faster than all other on-demand streaming services combined, including audio-specific platforms like Spotify. – Paul Resnikoff, Digital Music News

Streaming Leads to Three Times More Sales Than Radio, Study Finds…

But daddy, what’s a ‘music purchase’? Welcome to the future of the music business — you know, the one you’re living in right now. Perhaps music analyst Mark Mulligan captured the tectonic shift best when he noted that discovery and acquisition have now become the same thing. So, for example, when someone discovers something on YouTube, that music has already effectively been acquired. More and more, that person doesn’t want to download anything, doesn’t need to hold anything physical, and most importantly, doesn’t need to pay anything. – Paul Resnikoff,Digital Music News  
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Research Now Shows That Streaming Kills Download Sales…

“Thus, although streaming and subscriptions will grow by 238% on 2013 levels to reach $8 billion in 2019, download revenue will decline by 39% – only five percent less than the rate at which CD revenues will fall – leaving streaming and subscriptions representing 70% of all digital revenue.” – Mark Mulligan,MIDiA Research via Paul Resnikoff,Digital Music News  
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Here’s Another Way That Major Labels Cheat Artists on Streaming Royalties… – Digital Music News

Back in June, a leaked Lady Gaga contract exposed just how artists get screwed out of their streaming royalties by major labels. But that was just one trick in the bag: according to a just-filed lawsuit by American Idol label 19 Entertainment, major label Sony Music Entertainment has been using a clever game of mis-categorization to dramatically reduce streaming royalty payouts. – Paul Resnikoff, Digital Music News