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Web video, P2P drive increase in global film and TV piracy

The research also found that visits to P2P sites accounted for 70% of global activity for both web video and P2P platforms. This behaviour led to an average of 800 million global monthly downloads from P2P sites in 2017. In addition, P2P activity in the most prominent high-piracy countries, which include Russia, India, Brazil, the Netherlands and the US, is either constant or increasing. The research also revealed that web video sites source a significant proportion (28%) of their high-quality video content from P2P sites. – Joseph O’Halloran, Rapid TV News https://ift.tt/2vN05gr

BitTorrent Is Shutting Down Its Live TV Streaming Service (EXCLUSIVE)

Closing down Live also puts an end to one of BitTorrent inventor’s Bram Cohen’s most ambitious projects since the release of the original file sharing client. Cohen began working on BitTorrent Live some nine years ago, spending years on perfecting an underlying P2P architecture that allowed live video streaming without costly content delivery infrastructure, and with minimal latency. – Janko Roettgers, Variety http://ift.tt/2qkRAot

A brilliant plan to make online movie sharing legal

There’s a new movie streaming service called MovieSwap that wants to make DVD movie sharing popular again, but with a modern twist that’s likely to enrage movie studios. For just €5($5.58), you can get lifetime access to MovieSwap and early access to the beta of the program this August. That’s the lowest Kickstarter tier for this new campaign, which has already reached its €35,000 goal in the first couple of days after launch. – Chris Smith, BGR

BitTorrent comes to Apple TV through a live news app

OnAir Live Developers has released OTT News, an app for Apple TV (Android and iOS too) that uses BitTorrent Live’s peer-to-peer streaming to cover the US election both in real-time and through pre-recorded clips. It’s not as lavishly produced as the coverage from big TV networks, but that’s part of the point — the technology lets a small outfit stream to your devices without expensive servers and bandwidth. It opens the door to live living room video from more than just the usual suspects. – Jon Fingas, Engadget

Dropbox Scores Patent for Peer-to-Peer Syncing

There are dozens of sync and backup services available on the Internet, but most have a major drawback. They rely on external cloud-based hosting. This may work well for smaller files, but when large videos have to be distributed among several devices people may run into trouble. This is one of the reasons why BitTorrent Sync has become quite popular. Dropbox, one of the leading cloud syncing services, also appears to realize that there’s an opportunity here. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak

RIAA Asks BitTorrent Inc. to Block Infringing Content

photo: TorrentFreak

In a letter dated July 30, 2015 sent from Brad Buckles, Executive Vice President of Anti-Piracy, the RIAA asks BitTorrent Inc.’s CEO to live up to his company’s claims of being a musicians’ champion. It begins with a subtle but serious reference to the company’s Distributed Hash Table. […] referencing BitTorrent’s DHT – the system which allows torrents to be shared even when external BitTorrent trackers go down – the RIAA says that a sample of 500 audio torrents extracted from the database showed that 82.4% were “highly likely” to be protected by copyright. – Andy, TorrentFreak

Dish, Chinese Broadcasters Sue Streaming Service for Piracy

[Dish Network] filed suit Friday claiming copyright infringement by a group of Chinese companies that produces the set-top TV unit TVpad. The unit gives users access to hundreds of programs produced by China Central Television and Hong Kong’s Television Broadcasts Limited, some of which Dish distributes in the U.S. But they’re streaming illegally, claim Dish and the Chinese broadcasters. […] The broadcasters have sued the companies they say are behind the TVpad network, Create New Technology, Shenzhen GreatVision Network Technology and Hua Yang International Technology. The TVpad device operates by tapping into a peer-to-peer network — “like Napster, Grokster, and BitTorrent,” reads the complaint. – Austin Siegemund-Broka, The Hollywood Reporter
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/18UDa51)

Apple Patents Technology to Legalize P2P Sharing

While “legalized P2P sharing” may sound appealing, in theory it’s actually quite restrictive. The idea introduces a new layer of content protection which means that the files in question can only be played on “trusted client software.”

This means that transferring files between devices is only possible if these support Apple’s licensing scheme. That’s actually a step backwards from the DRM-free music that’s sold in most stores today. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak 

(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1EaSUOP )

Porn studio sues immigrant who has “no idea how BitTorrent works,” wins big

In court papers, Bui’s lawyer described his client as a Vietnamese man who has become a naturalized US citizen. Bui, who owns a nail salon […] “speaks basic but imperfect English,” and said he had no idea how BitTorrent works. The software was loaded onto his computer by a friend who recommended he check out the “Kickass Torrent” website to get free movies. “Mr. Bui did not believe and does not now believe that he was doing anything wrong in ordering movies from Kickass Torrent,” wrote Bui’s lawyer, James Mitchell […] Mitchell argued that [Malibu Media] was a “copyright troll,” that used Kickass Torrents as a “honey pot” to “trap unwary consumers like Don Bui” and scare them “into paying a large sum of money to avoid the rigors and exposure of a law suit [sic] – Joe Mullin,Ars Technica
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