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NYC is suing T-Mobile for allegedly selling used phones as new and using other shady tactics

According to the city, T-Mobile and its subsidiary Metro, as well as other authorized dealers, “preyed on consumers” through several tactics. After a year-long investigation, the city says it obtained evidence that, in at least 21 instances, T-Mobile and Metro sold used phones to consumers who paid for new ones and regularly overcharged customers. – Colin Lecher, The Verge » https://ift.tt/2UFyKc3

Samsung fined $5.7 million for slowing down phones, Apple style

A watchdog group called the Italian Authority for Market and Competition just issued South Korean electronics giant Samsung a fine for 5 million euros (~$5.7 million), via SamMobile. The cash penalty is due to the “Samsung slow down,” i.e., the phenomenon of smartphones dropping in performance after receiving new updates. – C. Scott Brown, Android Authority https://trib.al/rvYXi9f

Dave Chappelle is using these high-tech phone cases to prevent smartphone recordings

For the 13 shows scheduled at Thalia Hall in the Windy City, Dave Chappelle will be equipping the audience members with a phone sack from Yondr in order to create a “no-phone zone.” The Yondr case provides phones with a sock-like pouch that encases the device. Users are able to access their phone freely while wondering throughout the venue. But once they step into the designated, geofenced phone-free area where Chappelle’s performance is taking place, a lock activates and prevents users from accessing their phones. – AJ Dellinger, The Daily Dot   
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1YQNlgr)

Why Tech Needs to Move Away From Its Upgrade Culture

In the modern tech world, success is measured by product attributes such as speed, size and efficiency, and in order to remain competitive, companies feel they must constantly upgrade their products. When browsing the MacRumors Buyer’s Guide, you’ll see that it advises consumers to proceed with caution when thinking about purchasing an Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display because it’s nearing the end of its cycle — even though the newest version came out less than six months ago. We’re talking about a device that costs thousands of dollars — yet consumers can only expect it to remain relevant and supported for less than a year. – CEO John Horn, Ingenu via Re/code

T-Mobile snuck in a huge price hike to unlimited data without telling anyone

photo: The Verge

T-Mobile will now charge $45 for unlimited data, up from $30. That means the total cost of the carrier’s “Simple Choice” plan including unlimited data will be $95 for a single line. In exchange, T-Mobile says it’s doubling the amount of data customers can use when turning their smartphone into a mobile hotspot, from 7GB to 14GB, and will give away a free movie rental from VUDU once a month starting next year. The change takes effect on November 15th, but current unlimited data plan owners are exempt. – Nick Statt, The Verge

C-Mobile: Buying the ‘Un-carrier’ would be Comcast’s ultimate revenge

photo: BGR

Re/code reported earlier this week that Comcast has “notified Verizon it intends to exercise its option to resell cellular service using the carrier’s network,” which is the first major move the company has made to get into the mobile business so far. However, New Street Research analyst Jonathan Chaplin tells Re/code that Comcast almost certainly has more ambitious plans than just piggybacking on Verizon’s spectrum holdings. – Brad Reed, BGR

Blackphone 2 from Silent Circle will test whether security is a priority for smartphone buyers

photo: Silent Circle

Silent Circle will release in September the Blackphone 2, an Android-based smartphone that is optimized to protect security and privacy so that none of your data can be discovered or used by a third-party. […] Silent Circle originally launched to provide secure voice, text and email services. But in 2014, the company released the first Blackphone, which cost $600 and ran on a version of Android the company has developed, called PrivatOS. – Chris O’Brien, VentureBeat

Dish Network in Merger Talks With T-Mobile (Report)

Under the terms of the deal being proposed, Charlie Ergen, chief executive of DISH, would become chairman of the new company while John Legere. chief executive of T-Mobile, would serve as the company’s CEO, according to the report, which cited people familiar with the matter. […] If both Dish and T-Mobile and AT&T and DirecTV both merged successfully, the nation’s two biggest distributors of video content via satellite would both be assimilated under broader telecommunications companies. – Brian Steinberg, Variety 

As Verizon eyes streaming TV market, AOL.com redesigns to focus on mobile and video

Verizon LogoThat makes perfect sense, given that Verizon has said it wants to launch a streaming TV service this summer. “We have a huge video library and have stepped up our ability to produce live content.” That ranges from an interview with the new CTO of the United States to a raucous chat with the boys from Entourage. The company says unique visitors to AOL.com are up twenty percent over last year, but video views are up a whopping 90 percent. – Ben Popper, The Verge
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