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‘Friends’ DVD, Digital Sales Soar as It Takes a Break From Streaming

Data from retail tracking service NPD VideoScan reveals that after the announcements that “Friends” and “The Office” would disappear from Netflix (the latter series at the end of 2020) and move to streaming sites HBO Max and Peacock, respectively, disc sales for both complete series skyrocketed: Physical sales spiked in July and remained high through the end of the year. – Michael Schneider, Variety » https://ift.tt/2V7IIVV

Vinyl Record Sales Experienced Double-Digit Growth Once Again Last Year

Last year, vinyl sales grew by an even more impressive 20 percent. The format now accounts for 13.7 percent of all physical music sales, up from just eight percent two years ago. This is partially attributable to the decline of CDs, which saw sales fall 18.5 percent from last year. Still, consumers purchased over 60 million physical CDs last year, compared to less than 10 million vinyl records. – BuzzAngle Music via Chris Mench, Genius http://bit.ly/2SFpnY3

Copyright compromise: Music Modernization Act signed into law

Musicians are celebrating as the Music Modernization Act, an attempt to drag copyright and royalty rules into the 21st century, is signed into law after unanimous passage through Congress. The act aims to centralize and simplify the process by which artists are tracked and paid on digital services like Spotify and Pandora, and also extends the royalty treatment to songs recorded before 1972. – Devin Comdwey, TechCrunch https://ift.tt/2C9QZPy

Disney Wins Injunction Against Redbox: Movie Download Codes Can’t Be Sold Separately

Redbox operates DVD rental kiosks in retail stores throughout the nation. But online streaming has disrupted the business now owned by the private equity giant Apollo Global Management. So Redbox got ahold of Disney’s “combo packs,” which include a Blu-ray disc, a DVD and a digital code, and disassembled it, offering only the download code at a cheaper price. – Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter https://ift.tt/2LHGWlY

The Hidden Phenomenon That Could Ruin Your Old Discs

Michele Youket, a preservation specialist at The Library of Congress, often deals with similar situations in her role. She says that this kind of silent destruction, which shows up in three different forms—the “bronzing” of discs, small pin-hole specs located on the discs, or “edge-rot”—became an important one for the national library when the organization started archiving music on CD formats, with the format’s weaknesses soon becoming apparent. – Ernie Smith, MOTHERBOARD https://ift.tt/2t0C7yD
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