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NYC is suing T-Mobile for allegedly selling used phones as new and using other shady tactics

According to the city, T-Mobile and its subsidiary Metro, as well as other authorized dealers, “preyed on consumers” through several tactics. After a year-long investigation, the city says it obtained evidence that, in at least 21 instances, T-Mobile and Metro sold used phones to consumers who paid for new ones and regularly overcharged customers. – Colin Lecher, The Verge » https://ift.tt/2UFyKc3

Netflix is raising prices across of all of its tiers

Netflix is raising prices across all of its streaming plans between 13 to 18 percent, marking its largest price hike to date. CNBC reports that the lowest $8 tier will now cost $9 while the $11 and $14 plans will increase to $13 and $16, respectively. New subscribers will be subject to the higher prices immediately while current Netflix members will see the new pricing roll out over the next three months, according to CNBC. – Mallory Locklear, Engadget » https://engt.co/2FAyWUz

Spotify upgrades its family plan to match Apple Music’s

photo: The Verge

Spotify has upgraded its family plan, now allowing up to six Premium accounts per family for $14.99 a month. The new plan is a direct match to Apple Music’s family plan — which Google Play Music also matched back in December — and is a dramatic improvement over Spotify’s old family offering, which would’ve cost users $30 a month for family of five (there was no six-person plan available before today). – Micah Singleton, The Verge

Sprint is now selling monthly Amazon Prime subscriptions

Sprint announced on Thursday that it will begin selling Amazon Prime subscriptions to its customers for $11 a month. That’s slightly more than what you’d pay if you purchased Prime on your own but this is the only way to get the service for less than a year — and $100 — at a time. – Andrew Tarantola, Engadget

Verizon is desperate to convince us that unlimited data plans are dead

photo: Verizon, BGR

This is a little strange because all of Verizon’s major rivals offer unlimited data plans in some form and they don’t seem to have problems finding enough cash to invest in network upgrades. As I’ve noted in the past, data caps like the ones Verizon uses are a crock that aren’t necessary for proper network management and that only serve to boost carriers’ wireless margins. – Brad Reed, BGR

PlayStation Vue streaming TV gets $10 cheaper as ESPN and Disney channels arrive

The basic PlayStation Vue “Access” package, which includes more than 60 live streaming channels, now costs $40 per month. The “Core” package costs $45 per month and adds regional sports networks, and the “Elite” package includes more than 100 channels for $55 per month. These prices are all $10 per month cheaper than when PlayStation Vue launched a year ago. – Jared Newman, TechHive

Netflix will increase the price of streaming for its most loyal members

Netflix logo.svg

photo: logos.wikia.com

While the record quarterly growth in subscribers (and resulting rising share price – up 124 percent in 12 months) give the company reason to cheer, the company’s most loyal subscribers in the US will get slapped with a price increase later this year. Customers on ‘grandfathered’ plans (ie. people who signed up years ago before new pricing tiers were introduced) that cost $7.99 for HD streaming will be given the option to continue streaming in standard definition (SD) instead or to pay $9.99 per month to continue watching in HD. – Ben Woods, The Next Web
(Full Story:http://tnw.to/c4l8z)

Lawsuit alleges Apple knowingly concealed an iPhone Wi-Fi defect

photo: BGR

“According to [Hagens Berman]’s investigation, the defect causes consumers to automatically switch from their Wi-Fi signals to using more costly cellular data when streaming videos or engaging in other activities that use large amounts of data,” the press release reads. “Because of the automatic switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data, consumers were using huge amounts of cellular data without any warning.” The law firm says that the issue was fixed only in iOS 8.1, released in October 2014, but Apple knew about it almost immediately, yet failed to fix it for years. The suit also alleges that Apple hasn’t even disclosed the defect to its subscribers. Moreover, Apple is believed to having fixed a similar issue for Verizon iPhone 5 handsets, but not those on AT&T. – Chris Smith, BGR

AT&T, Comcast and T-Mobile questioned over streaming freebies

photo: CNET

In a research note published Thursday, equities analyst Paul Gallant of Guggenheim Partners called the FCC’s move “an unusually proactive step,” since no complaint has been filed. He believes the FCC is warning wireless and broadband providers to not get aggressive with these zero-rating services, especially while the appeals court decides whether its Net neutrality rules are legal. – Marguerite Reardon, CNET

Verizon is about to ruin the Internet

Verizon is going to start rolling out its own “sponsored data” program next year in which companies can pay money to have their data not count against customers’ monthly data limits. […] This is very bad news for the open Internet, even though Verizon is claiming that the rates it charges in its program will be “affordable.” If Verizon successfully makes itself the gatekeeper of what apps and websites have their traffic count against the cap, it sets up a completely unnecessary toll for upstart companies. – Brad Reed, BGR
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