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Samsung looks to up the game in its smart TVs by adding PlayStation Now

While Samsung’s smart TVs have had built-in games already, the company announced yesterday that its gaming lineup is about to get much more robust with the addition of Sony’s PlayStation Now service. With the addition of the service, owners of Samsung smart TVs will be able to play more than 100 downloadable and 400 streaming games. – Kristofer Wouk, Digital Trends

PlayStation Now is coming Samsung smart TVs

In a press release Sony and Samsung gave a brief overview of this partnership. Sometime in the first half of next year, the PlayStation Now application will be available for download on Samsung’s Smart Hub. Select Samsung Smart TVs will run the app, and pair with a DualShock 4 for gameplay. It’s unclear exactly how widespread support will be on Samsung’s televisions, but it’s promising to see Sony working with other hardware companies. – Grant Brunner,ExtremeTech

Sony’s PS Now game streaming service is coming to PS Vita and PS TV

PS TV users will have immediate access to the PlayStation game-streaming service PS Now when the set-top box launches in North America on October 14, […] PlayStation TV lets users stream games from a PS4 system and play PS VITA games and other digital PlayStation content on any connected TV. With PlayStation Now the PS TV will also have access to the streaming service’s more than 150 rentable PS3 games. […] At this time PlayStation Now is exclusive to the US and Canada, but other regions, including the UK and Australia, should gain access soon, possibly early in 2015. – Michael Rougeau,TechRadar  
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PlayStation Now’s creator explains how game streaming came to Sony

Gaikai chief David Perry has just shed light on that transition in an interview with Gameinformer. Simply put, streaming on computers was becoming a nightmare for Perry’s team before the 2012 acquisition. The sheer number of compatibility problems was “massively reducing” the number of titles Gaikai could support, and the software required increasingly elaborate tricks (such as image recognition) just to run at all. The company wanted to escape these headaches by going to a platform with standardized elements like controllers and copy protection. When Sony came knocking, it quickly became clear that the PlayStation was a good match — it solved many challenges in one fell swoop. – Jon Fingas,Engadget 
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Sony’s Dive In takes game streaming to iOS and Android

Sony has been heavily investing in game streaming starting with its acquisition of streaming experts Gaikai back in 2012. From that venture, PlayStation Now was born, a service that aimed to make older but popular titles, especially those from the PS3 shelves, available for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita via streaming. Now it’s mobile’s turn to get that same functionality, but in a limited and rather pricey way. Dive In is a subscription service in almost every sense, more than the monthly or annual flat fees you usually associate with the word. In a system that might call to mind token-based arcades of old, how much time you get to play a title depends on how much money you are willing to feed into it on a regular basis. […] Unfortunately for those outside of Japan, this service will only be available to Sony’s home country and there is no word yet on an international launch. Dive In will be open for business starting October 9. – JC Torres,SlashGear
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PlayStation Unleashes Its Game Streaming Service on North America | Game|Life

PlayStation Now enters open beta today, allowing all PlayStation 4 owners in selected areas to try the gaming on demand service. Pull up the menu, choose from 100 different PlayStation 3 games like The Last of Us and Ultra Street Fighter IV, and you’ll begin playing them instantly, no download required; the games are running on Gaikai’s servers miles away from your console. […] But for now, PlayStation Now isn’t Netflix. It’s more like pay-per-view. There’s no subscription service where you pay a flat monthly fee and access a library of all-you-can-stream titles. […] For now, it’s à la carte pricing: You choose a game, then pay anywhere from $2 to $20 to “rent” it for a few hours or a few weeks. When PlayStation Now’s closed beta version introduced these prices in June, the word of the day was “insane.” – Chris Kohler, WIRED