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Pirate eBay seller pays Premier League £18,000

Nayanesh Patel from Harrow, Middlesex, sold Kodi-type boxes on several platforms including eBay and Facebook. In doing so he breached Premier League copyright and has paid £18,000 and agreed to remove all infringing adverts from the platforms, disable access to his website, and cease all sales of similar devices. – Robert Briel, Broadband TV News http://ift.tt/2H6uQC3

Plex’s add-on for Kodi is now free for everyone — Plex Pass no longer required

To use Plex’s Kodi add-on, however, you historically had to be a Plex Pass subscriber, which costs $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year. That changes today because Plex has announced that their Kodi add-on is now available for anyone to use for free. So if you’re running a Plex server, you can now get the full Plex experience right from within Kodi, without having to switch apps or pay anything. – AFTVnews http://ift.tt/2f0ORgM

Twitch Launches Extensions For Its Streams, Invites Developers To Create More 

The list of Twitch extensions contains more than 20 choices at the time of the feature’s launch, with third-party developers like Streamlabs and Muxy.io delivering several new toys for streamers. The available extensions include a virtual pet that interacts with the on-screen action, game-specific trackers for titles like League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Rocket League, and a heat map that follows viewers as they move around the screen. – Sam Gutelle, Tubefilter http://ift.tt/2wmRz9e

Plex Gets Tough Over Unofficial Kodi Addon But Crisis Quickly Averted 

MK Plex, the addon produced by MetalKettle, unlocks the restrictions. Installable in Kodi with just a few clicks, the addon allows users of Plex to achieve the above without the need for a Plex Pass subscription. The addon was submitted by MK to the TvAddons.co repository last week but it took only days for Plex’s legal department to swing into action. – Andy, TorrentFreak http://ift.tt/2eHIkaH

Microsoft’s Windows 10 To Block Downloads From Kodi, The Pirate Bay, KickassTorrents & Others

Microsoft’s patent relies on fingerprint recognition to identify the source of these illegal files and block them. Along with blocking these files, users who frequently share files without authorization could end up being singled out and punished. This system, if implemented could be much more effective in stomping out piracy than the current system of the copyright holder issuing legal notices. – Delwyn Pinto, Techworm http://ift.tt/2qaA4pR

Kodi Security Risk Emerges After TVAddons Shutdown

TVAddons’ domains are now being run by a law firm which refuses to answer questions but has the power to do whatever it likes with them, within the law of course. Currently, the domains are lying dormant and aren’t doing anything nefarious, but if that position changes, millions of people will have absolutely no idea anything is wrong. – Andy, TorrentFreak http://ift.tt/2vx8LXt

What The “KODI War” is all about

A trademark issue between Kodi, […] and numerous websites, Facebook groups forums and YouTube channels that have used the trademarked name and logo of the foundation has unravelled into what many who follow streaming services and hardware are calling “The KODI War”. […] While a developer may choose to build an app that links to copyright protected content using KODI’s platform this does not make that add-on a “KODIadd-on”. Kodi has its own repository of official add-ons […] But because there are a number of websites and social media sites that use Kodi in their titles that and promote things like ‘Top 5 Kodi add-ons for Free Movies” or “Watch every show on HBO for Free with this KODI Add-On” KODI feels it has caused market confusion as to what its software was meant to do. – Ryan Michael Downey, The Streaming Advisor
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