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Why New ViacomCBS Streaming Service Could Be Pluto TV 2.0

Pluto TV recently began airing episodes of CBS All Access tent pole Picard. This would have been unthinkable when the service was essentially a curated group of YouTube feeds yet it happened just last week. What’s to say that CBS might not want to package up other properties, especially older ones that have not been used effectively over the past 20 years. why not a Brady Bunch channel? It can not be ignored that CNBC reported that Pluto TV CEO Tom Ryan is one of the executives who have spearheaded the effort to put together the service. – Ryan Downey, Streaming-TV » https://ift.tt/2S7yDX1

Watch Star Trek: Picard For Free on Pluto TV

Tune-in to Pluto TV’s Sci Fi channel (Ch. 60) on Thursday, January 30th to watch the debut episode of “Star Trek: Picard”, an original series streaming exclusively on CBS All Access. Following the non-stop marathon, for one week only, Pluto TV will air the groundbreaking new series as part of a primetime block on Pluto TV Sci Fi, all for free. – Ryan Downey, The Streaming Advisor » https://ift.tt/36FrcKP

Pluto TV Preps 24/7 James Bond Pop-Up Channel Ahead Of New Movie Launch

Timed to the ramp-up of interest in the super-spy ahead of No Time to Die, the 25th installment in the franchise due out on April 8, the channel will offer 18 Bond films in heavy rotation. The channel is slated to go live on Sunday. Dade Hayes, Deadline Hollywood » https://deadline.com/2019/08/pluto-tv-preps-24-7-james-bond-pop-up-channel-ahead-of-new-movie-launch-1202708426/