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YouTube needs to chill with its annoying Premium spam

Google’s efforts here have made sure I, and I bet many others, will never touch YouTube Music or YouTube Premium. I absolutely loathe both of these services to the point where I’m left swearing at my phone like an idiot, simply because these stubborn ads keep appearing on top of the YouTube videos I’m trying to watch. – Tom Warren, The Verge » https://trib.al/M0FbpqL


Watchwith Raises $8M For Its In-Program Video Ads

photo: Watchwith, TechCrunch

[Watchwith] says its technology can analyze the content of a video, then use that data to find the right moments to place “interactive overlay” ads. So instead of interrupting a video, these ads just sit (hopefully unobtrusively) at the bottom of the screen. […] Will everyone prefer these overlays to a standard pre-roll? I’m guessing that there will differences in taste, but for what it’s worth, you’re probably used this format already, since some networks do something similar during their regular broadcasts. – Anthony Ha, TechCrunch