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Popcorn Time Fork Claims Official Relaunch After MPAA Shutdown

Noting that an explanation is long overdue, the team (located at popcorntime.sh) are now attempting to clarify their mission and point out where they stand in what has recently become an extremely confused and messy ‘marketplace’. “After the ‘MPAA incident’, we’re a little diminished, and we’ve chosen a new direction: we’re shifting from an active development of Popcorn Time to a more or less resilience-driven development,” the team announced. – Andy, TorrentFreak

Movie Studios Shut Down New Popcorn Time Alternative, But Not For Long

Despite being a major target for copyright holders the rise of new Popcorn Time alternatives appears to be never-ending. For example, a few days ago another Popcorn Time-inspired website launched at Popa.cr. While it’s visually similar to the application, the browser version operates more like a traditional streaming site with a Popcorn Time theme. Nevertheless, it was enough to attract the attention of the Motion Picture Association (MPAA). – Ernesto, TorrentFreak

Movie Studio Will Interrogate Suspected Popcorn Time Users

photo: TorrentFreak

The makers of the Adam Sandler movie The Cobbler are allowed to interrogate Internet subscribers whose connections were used to pirate the film, a federal court has ruled. The filmmakers requested the depositions in order to discover the true identities of several Popcorn Time pirates. […] In a new filing submitted this week the movie studio explains that while they have already settled with five Popcorn Time users, four Comcast subscribers failed to respond to their inquiries. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak

Torrent-Streaming Site Popcorn Time Shuts Down Permanently: Makers Launch Legal Alternative…

photo: Mark Turnauckas/Flickr, Tech Times

It’s official — Popcorn Time‘s torrent streaming service has permanently gone offline, but the Popcorn Time team is not done yet. After learning from the first site, the developers are planning to roll out a legal alternative called Butter Project. […] According to the developers, when this new project goes live, it will “never stream any copyrighted material.” Project Butter is essentially Popcorn Time minus the direct links to pirated TV shows and movies. Although Popcorn Time’s younger brother will be somewhat restricted, it is hoped that the new project will still be able to deliver a great streaming service. – Vincent Lanaria, Tech Times

Popcorn Time Chaos Triggers More Downtime

photo: TorrentFreak

The main Popcorn Time fork has been pulled offline yet again. The problem was triggered by an exodus of developers, including the person who registered the application’s domain name. A few hours after the operators tried to transfer its ownership, domain registrar Gandi is now refusing to process the changes. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak

Popcorn Time for your browser makes illegal movie streaming even easier

photo: browserpopcorn.xyz, The Verge

Popcorn Time, which operates like Netflix but via pirated media streams from torrent sites, was previously only available as a desktop and Android mobile app users had to download. Now you can use Popcorn Time by venturing over to browserpopcorn.xyz, no login required. […] The browser version was created by 15-year-old Serbian programmer Milan Kragujevic, who appears to have cloned the original Popcorn Time project first created last year before it was shut down due to legal concerns. Replicating, or so-called forking, the initial app has become a seemingly never-ending game of cat-and-mouse between piracy advocates and the movies studios and law enforcement bodies trying to crack down on them. – Nick Statt, The Verge

Popcorn Time Users ‘Fined’ Over Michael Douglas Movie

photo: PopcornTime, TorrentFreak

[U]sers of [Popcorn Time] in Scandinavia are coming under fire, with hundreds of Danish Internet account holders being hit with cash demands after their connections were linked with infringements of the Michael Douglas movie ‘And So It Goes‘. The demands for compensation are being issued by lawfirm Opus Law acting on behalf of the Denmark division of Scanbox Entertainment. They appear to average around $320, a much lower sum than is usually demanded in the United States, for example, but still a considerable amount for a single movie. – Andy, TorrentFreak
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