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Pornhub Is Now Available as a Tor Site to Protect Users’ Privacy

Pornhub says it created the Tor site to protect the porn-viewing habits of LGBT users, whose sexual preferences can be criminalized in certain countries. – Michael Kan, PCMag » https://trib.al/rEOTtR5

You should ditch Spotify until it ditches its latest policy

As of September 5 (in the U.S.), in order to keep your Spotify Premium family account, you need to allow the app to track your location, or check-in “from time to time” once again via Google Maps. Spotify says this is required to make sure you’re following silly rule number one outlined above. It also means Spotify wants to check in on you because it assumes you’re being dishonest. That’s not how this should work. That’s not how anything should work. Spotify knows this because it had already tested this “feature” and customer backlash forced it to stop. Jerry Hildenbrand, Android Central » https://ift.tt/2LV3dz4

Netflix execs say they’ll finally start releasing viewership data soon

Chief content officer Ted Sarandos spoke about the company’s new transparency initiative during an investors call on Tuesday. Sarandos told investors that the company will start releasing “more specific and granular data and reporting” to different groups soon. Producers will receive those numbers first, followed by subscribers, then press. The goal is to be “more fully transparent about what people are watching on Netflix around the world,” according to Sarandos. – Julia Alexander, The Verge » http://bit.ly/2DklqSX

“Black Mirror” isn’t just predicting the future—it’s causing it

Your decisions in interactive films could have many unintended consequences. If Netflix determined that those who immediately chose to kill a family member in “Bandersnatch” would be more likely to enjoy the film Kill Bill Vol 1, then this data could be used to serve you more violent films. Netflix is planning more interactive content in 2019—and it’s already been running interactive kids’ content for years. This will allow them to gather more instinctive behavioral data on a variety of subjects. What if it started serving you programs celebrating a particular political party because of the choices you made in an interactive White House thriller? – Alice Thwaite, Quartz https://trib.al/F8lES5E

At TwitchCon, IRL Streamers Cause Problems By Streaming IRL

While IRL streamers I spoke to contended that they tried to be polite before turning other streamers into co-stars on their shows, they also feel like it was strange that people were surprised to find themselves on-stream at events dedicated to the world’s largest live-streaming platform. “I think they do forfeit an expectation of privacy [at TwitchCon],” Andy Milonakis, who drew 12,000 concurrent viewers for one of his “biggest streams ever” during the first night’s Twitch party,‏ said in an email. – Nathan Grayson, Kotaku http://ift.tt/2z2iR7z

VPNs Can Bypass Verizon’s New Video Throttling System

Verizon has a long-thirty year history of anti-competitive behavior, and is now demanding additional money just to stream videos at speeds many customers believe should be determined by the end user and the server they’re accessing. They’re not alone; Sprint already opened the door to this behavior by charging users a premium to avoid the throttling of videos, games and music. – Karl Bode, DSL Reports http://ift.tt/2wGNy00

US ISPs could soon monitor your ‘secret’ porn viewing habits

Industry behemoth MindGeek — the parent company of the world’s 38th-largest website, PornHub, as well as most of the other well-known porn-streaming tube sites and production powerhouses Brazzers and RealityKings — got to work on encrypting its family of sites right away. As of this week, PornHub , YouPorn, and RedTube have already rolled out default HTTPS encryption across their sites, and others are soon to follow. – Lynsey G, MEL Magazine via The Next Web http://tnw.me/NXlv40y
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