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Raspberry Pi gets an 8-megapixel Sony camera upgrade

Like many of the big smartphone and tablet makers, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is utilizing Sony’s mobile imaging smarts for its new visible-light and infrared cameras. The IMX219 has a fixed-focus sensor and is capable of outputting 3280 x 2464 photos and 1080p HD video at 30fps. – Matt Brian, Engadget

DIY Smartphone

The Raspberry Pi handles all the processing, and connects everything together. The TFT talks to the Raspberry Pi over SPI, and the FONA talks to it over UART. Everything is powered with a 1200mah battery connected to the FONA. The FONA has a charging circuit perfect for use with the phone. Since the battery is only 3.7v, a power boost is used to boost the voltage to 5v for the Raspberry Pi and TFT. A metal speaker and microphone is connected to the FONA for audio, along with an antenna. The FONA also has a real time clock built in, so the Raspberry Pi can keep time even when off wifi connection. The Raspberry Pi also has a USB Wifi Adapter connected to it giving it internet access. – Tyler Spadgenske, Hackaday

How one man built the awesome Chromecast accessory Google should have made

[Jeff Bower]’s remote was built around a Raspberry Pi model B that he hooked up to a case and buttons using connector wires. The total bill of goods for the remote was a little more than $55, the majority of which went toward buying the Raspberry Pi, which Bower also programmed to interact with Chromecast with the help of the Pychromecast, a development kit specifically built for Chromecast and the Pi. – Brad Reed,BGR
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In wake of Anonabox, more crowdsourced Tor router projects make their pitch

Based on the Chinese-built WT 3020A—a small wireless router that appears identical to the box that was the basis for the Anonabox—the Invizbox will have similar specs to the cancelled Kickstarter: 64 megabytes of RAM, 16 megabytes of Flash storage, and the Linux-based OpenWRT embedded OS. The main difference, according to the Dublin, Ireland-based team behind Invizbox (Elizabeth Canavan, Paul Canavan, and Chris Monks) is that their Tor router will be locked down better—and they won’t pretend that they’re using custom-built hardware. […] you could buy a Raspberry Pi-based Onion Router for $135—or build your own Onion Pi instead. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could probably reflash your existing router—Tor has been part of OpenWRT and other alternative router firmware for some time. – Sean Gallagher,Ars Technica
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Chromecast Hack Lets You Rickroll Your Neighbor’s TV

The Rickmote Controller works by sending the Chromecast a command that temporarily kicks the dongle off of its Wi-Fi network. Once disconnected, the Chromecast will automatically revert to setup mode, which turns the dongle into a Wi-Fi hotspot; this allows the Rickmote Controller to connect to the Chromecast, and endlessly stream Rick Astley‘s greatest hit. – Karissa Bell,Mashable  http://ift.tt/1o3eufx

The Hardware You Will Need To Build A Raspberry Pi Media Center

With so many ways of using it, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that the Raspberry Pi has sold over 1 million units. Although designed for one key purpose (programming) this small credit card-sized computer is capable of so much more – which is why it seems to have become a popular choice as a home media center solution. Simply by adding the right software – in this case a dedicated XBMC build called Raspbmc – you can turn the little computer into a compact Raspberry Pi media center solution that is waiting for you to add your favourite video, music, and picture files. – Christian Cawley, Make Use Of http://ift.tt/YXLXt3