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‘Dracula’ & ‘Doctor Who’ Make Underwhelming Starts For BBC One On New Year’s Day

It was the top-rated show in its slot, but its 19.2% share of the total viewing population at the time was down on BBC One’s usual viewing share of 24.2%. – Jake Kanter, Deadline » http://dlvr.it/RMJ0Hw [photo: Netflix]

Will Smith’s ‘Bright’ is terrible, but that doesn’t matter to Netflix

Terrible movies being deemed hits is nothing new, but Netflix’s algorithmic production style and opaque markers for success are particularly concerning. More so than with other studios, it doesn’t actually matter if the company’s original content is good, as long as it hits some mysterious metrics. Netflix plans to spend up to $8 billion on original content next year, so you can expect the budgets for its projects to grow even larger. – Devindra Hardawar, Engadget http://ift.tt/2pKaOZ5

ESPN Says Streaming Boosts Live Viewer Ratings

Using seven weeks of viewing, ESPN said it noticed a 23% increase in viewing by people between 18 and 34 across its total schedule and a 13% increase in that viewership in primetime,, all compared with what the company says is traditional viewership. The surge helped contribute to a 4% increase in overall total-day viewership and a 13% increase in overall primetime viewing, the network said. – Brian Steinberg , Variety http://ift.tt/2iC240L

Nielsen Beefs Up SVOD Ratings, Says NBCU, Disney-ABC, A+E And Five Other Content Players Are On Board

Specifically, that means tracking shows as they play on Netflix. Customers at launch include NBCUniversal, Disney-ABC, A+E Networks, Lionsgate, Warner Bros. Television and three more that Nielsen did not name. The new SVOD metrics will include not just ratings but data points such as reach, frequency and segmentation reporting, elements common for years in the world of linear TV. Streaming on Amazon Prime and Hulu are expected to follow in 2018, but for now the expansion covers Netflix–and, significantly, not on mobile devices. – Dade Hayes, Deadline Hollywood http://dlvr.it/PwJfsc

Nielsen Ratings Are Finally Adding Streaming Services To The Mix

Nielsen isn’t incorporating the entirety of YouTube and Hulu’s viewing numbers into its overall ratings equations. Rather, the company will complement its already existing live, DVR and On Demand stats with cord-cutter metrics geared to Hulu’s recently implemented live TV service, as well as the similarly conceived YouTube TV. Thankfully, there won’t be any medium-based exceptions in place, and Nielsen will be tabulating the numbers regardless of if people watched on laptops, phones, tablets, etc. – Nick Venable, CinemaBlend http://ift.tt/2uUOHRk

How Popular Netflix Is Relative To The Major Networks

Netflix logo.svg

In order to get these numbers, the analysts took Netflix’s claims that its users streamed around 10 billion hours of its video library in the first quarter of 2015 – which comes out to around 2 hours of viewing a day per subscriber – and divided that number by 24 hours, then multiplying that figure by the number of Netflix subscribers in the U.S., using that last number as a percentage of households in order to come up with a Nielsen rating. When everything was tallied, Netflix had a Q1 rating of 2.6, which is right around what ABC and NBC are getting. – Nick Venable, Cinema Blend

Broadband speeds around the world, in one map

The data comes from Speedtest.net, a website that lets users test their own internet connections. It indicates that the fastest internet in the world is in Hong Kong, with an average of almost 80 million bits per second (Mbps). Other high-speed countries include Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Romania, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. The United States clocks in at number 30, with average speeds of 24 Mbps. – Timothy B. Lee, Vox
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