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Unlike Spotify, Pandora Says They Will Not Launch New Streaming Service Without “Appropriate…

It seems Pandora is going to first ingest Rdio’s entire catalog into their Music Genome Project (and add all missing songs to Pandora radio) and then phase two will be to roll out Pandora’s interactive streaming service. It’s rumored to launch later this year. Curiously, Pandora has been quite selective about the songs they ingest when they are submitted by individual artists (many get rejected), but are going to ingest Rdio’s entire catalog to comprise Pandora’s “expanded service,” as they call it. – Ari Herstand, Digital Music News

Rdio is shutting down on December 22 following Pandora acquisition

The company just informed users of the sad news in an email. […] The message directs users to the URL Rdio.com/farewell, which contains a timeline of your usage, as well as exporting tools. Spotify has its own Rdio-to-Spotify tool, which follows the appearance of the third-party service Rdio2Spotify. – Jordan Novet, VentureBeat

Rdio will transition subscribers to free accounts after November 23rd

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Starting November 23rd, [Rdio] will no longer accept new customers and current subscribers can expect their accounts to be cancelled on the next billing date. When that happens, you’ll still be able to listen to the free ad-supported version of Rdio until it shuts down completely, but the company hasn’t given a specific date for that just yet. Rdio plans to let users export their data, including playlists and favorites before it’s shuttered for good. – Billy Steele, Engadget

As Rdio files for bankruptcy, Pandora picks it up for $75 million

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Using Rdio’s technology could radically change the face of Pandora. Thus far, Pandora has focused on algorithmically generated radio stations based on your tastes, but Rdio’s service was a full-featured competitor to Spotify that let you play any song or album you wanted from its vast catalog. Pandora has never had specific music on demand features, so this would be a major shift in strategy that would let it compete more directly with Spotify. Pandora says it expects to offer an “expanded listening experience” by the end of 2016, which would presumably include Rdio’s on-demand streaming features. – Nathan Ingraham, Engadget

Streaming Service Rdio Will Now Let You Listen To Hundreds Of Radio Stations

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Today, streaming service Rdio is announcing a new integration with radio stations across the country in an attempt to convince many a radio listener to keep the party going even when outside of the car. Through the new feature, those with Rdio (either on the paid or free tier) will be able to listen to any of the hundreds of Cumulus-owned radio stations in the country, live[.] – Hugh McIntyre, Forbes

You Can Now Easily Transfer Your Playlists From One Music Streaming Service To Another

Soundiiz, wants to change this by making the move at least a bit easier, allowing users to transfer their precious playlists from one service to another without hassle. The site can pull a carefully constructed lineup from your Spotify, SoundCloud, Rdio, or iTunes and import it to another from the list. The Verge reviewed the service, saying that it does work, but that “the whole experience feels a bit rough”. […] The company is getting a lot of attention because this past week celebrity owned and run streaming service TIDAL announced a partnership with Soundiiz, hoping to make their service the one with the fewest barriers to entry (if we’re not worried about the lack of a free tier). – Hugh McIntyre, Forbes

Jay Z’s streaming service isn’t for everybody (i.e. the poors)

“This service is not for everybody,” company CEO Andy Chen told The Verge in October. “Spotify is for everybody. You don’t even have to pay! But for quality, you have to pay.” While Spotify freeloaders belly up to the streaming trough, shoving garbage, 320kpbs-quality audio into headphones so crusted with cannery grime and gizzard grease, they can’t tell the difference anyway, TIDAL users are pouring fizzy aural champagne into the flutes of their ear canals. They also enjoy high-definition music videos, “expertly curated” editorial content from Talkhouse Music, and its own Shazam-like service (which presumably not only identifies the song you’re looking for, but compliments you on your taste). – Sean O’Neal, The A.V. Club

Music labels are reportedly pressuring Spotify to limit free streaming

The labels may seek to limit the amount of music users can listen to without paying up. Or they might hope to limit all free streaming to Pandora-like radio stations instead of on-demand music. Spotify and Rdio both allow for unlimited free on-demand streaming on computers, but limit mobile streaming to shuffled, radio-like services. Paid subscribers get full mobile streaming, offline access, higher quality, and no ads. – Dante D’Orazio, The Verge
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Rdio, a Streaming Music Service, to Open in India

Rdio, an online music service that competes with outlets like Spotify, Pandora and Deezer, announced on Thursday that had opened in India, beating its Western competitors there. Based in San Francisco and available in 61 countries, Rdio will offer Indian consumers its catalog of more than 30 million songs for $2 a month — a fraction of the $10 fee that is the standard in much of the world. – Ben Sisario, The New York Times
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Roku Strikes Fresh Deal to Integrate Rdio More Deeply into Its Platform

All Roku users where the service is available will be able to use Rdio’s free internet radio options, but if you’re a paying Rdio customer you can also access Rdio Unlimited, the company’s paid, on-demand streaming service. Handily, billing for Rdio is also now integrated with Roku’s platform, so you can pay using your Roku account. To celebrate the deal, Rdio is offering a free two month Rdio Unlimted subscription with the purchase of any new Roku player or Roku TV before the end of the year. – Ben Woods,The Next Web
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